Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Why Your Home Feels Like A Freezer All Year Round

As much as you might blame the cold conditions of your home on the weather, it’s not always the case. In fact, your home might be freezing down to factors you might not even have considered. And there might actually be an easy solution that you can implement to warm up your home. Therefore, here are some reasons why your home feels like a freezer all year round, and what to do about it.

Your windows need replacing

You might be surprised to know that even windows have a time limit. In general, they tend to last around 15 years. But this can depend on the materials used and the original installation. After all, if they haven’t been fitted properly, they aren’t going to last so long in your humble abode. And it can also depend on where the windows are situated. After all, if they tend to get the full blown impact of the harsh weather, they won’t last as long. Therefore, if you are struggling to get your home above freezing level, it could be down to your old windows. After all, if they do need replacing, they are probably causing heat loss in the home. And as you will know, to keep the house warm, you need good solid windows. Therefore, it’s time to contact a window company to come out and give you a quote for some new windows. They will check which ones need replacing first, so you can ensure your home is warm in the future. It’s also worth considering getting double glazed windows. After all, these are properly insulated to ensure heat remains in your home!

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You have poor insulation in the loft

If your home feels like a freezer all year round, one place you need to turn your blame is above. After all, the loft is often the cause of heat loss in the home. And the main reason for your cold temperatures in the house could be down to a poorly insulated loft. To ensure your home becomes a warm paradise again, you should look at getting some insulation in the loft. Even if you have some already, you should consider adding some more insulation to ensure your home stays toasty. And as well as bringing up the heat of your home, it can help to lower your bills. After all, you will have less heat loss, so you won’t need to put the heating up so high. There are several ways to get more loft insulation. For one thing, you might want to get some insulation adhesives by Kenyon Group and similar companies and then do it yourself. Or you could contact a professional company to come out and quote for the additional loft insulation in your home.

Your flooring is past its best

When was the last time you replaced your flooring? A lot of people do it when they first move in. But then they leave the floorboards for years. However, if your home is like a freezer, it could be down to heat loss through the flooring. After all, if the floorboards are starting to come up, any heat in your home might start escaping. Therefore, it might be worth considering getting the flooring replaced to ensure the home stays nice and toasty. Get some quotes from a couple of companies to find out how much it will cost. And don’t forget to ask about underfloor heating if you want to ensure the rooms in the house stay extra toasty!

Your heating system needs updating

A lot of blame might rest with your heating system if you are struggling to get your home warm. After all, it might not be working efficiently, and that is the reason why you are suffering from poor temperatures. And you might even be facing large bills.  For starters, you should get an engineer out to do some maintenance on the system. It might be an easy fix which will ensure you can enjoy warm temperatures again. Otherwise, it might be that you need to update the system. After all, there are so many great new systems which will allow you to control the temperature more closely. In fact, so many families are opting for a smart system which lets you change the temp while on the move. That way, you can keep the house warm all year round from just a click of a button!

And remember to make sure you lock your front door, even while you are in the home. After all, if it’s not shut properly, hot air might be escaping through the door. And then you will be faced with a cold chill in the home! Therefore, keep it locked for the sake of your family.

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