Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What To Do When Your Phone Wipes Your Contact List By Mistake

Thanks to the evolution of cell phones, we can’t be as productive in our lives without using our smartphones several times a day. We rely on these gadgets to communicate with others in many different ways.

So it comes as no surprise that losing the contents of your Contacts list on your cell phone can be somewhat catastrophic! In the days before cell phones, many people kept records of people’s phone numbers in an address book or Filofax.

These paper-based products got carried around everywhere, just like with today’s cell phones! In today’s modern world, people seldom write down numbers on paper. Cell phones are a convenient way of storing contact details for our friends, family and work colleagues.

The cell phones of today often store those details on the handsets themselves rather than on the SIM card. The idea behind this is you can store more information than just a phone number.

And when you get a new cell phone, you just transfer those details via your computer or in the cloud. But what happens if you somehow wipe all the details on your Contacts list and don’t have a backup? By now, you are doubtless hoping that the ground below you would swallow you up!

Don’t despair! The good news is there are plenty of ways to find out people’s numbers again, as well as other contact details. Intrigued? Find out how below!

Go onto Facebook

It’s likely that you have a Facebook account and that all your close friends and family members are on there too. When people set up their Facebook accounts, they often add their phone numbers to it.

One thing you can do is check each profile you’re connected with and see if they’ve put their numbers in there. This will be fine if you’ve got less than 50 people connected to your Facebook account. But what if you have more?

What you should be doing instead is asking them all to either give you their numbers or send you a text message with them instead. You can ask them by posting up on your profile, or you could send them each a private message.

Find out how good your memory is

Do you have a photographic memory? If so, you will doubtless remember people’s phone numbers. But what if you can remember numbers, but not who they belong to? You could phone each number and find out who each person is, but that’ll take too long.

Instead, you can use a reverse lookup service to find cell numbers and home numbers. These services will tell you the names of the people these numbers are connected with. Bear in mind that this only works with people that don’t have unlisted or unpublished numbers.

Search your emails

It’s likely most, if not all your contacts will have email addresses. The easiest thing to do here is just send your contacts an email and explain that you’ve lost their phone numbers. They will be more than happy to give you their numbers again!

Good luck!

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