Wednesday, November 26, 2014

3 Mobile Phone Apps Downloaded This Week

Well the busy blogger in me has been searching for ways I could write and share posts easily without having to open my personal computer or laptap and merely using my phone. So I decided to try out apps hoping they'd help me blog without sweat.

1. Bloggeroid

I must say I love the updates on this app! I remember using this sometime ago and eventually uninstalling it because at the time I could not appreciate its simplicity. Now it is easier for me to upload images from my phone to my blogger platform using the app's add image feature. And typing on a huge space instead of having to enlarge and to click on small icons when I am posting using web version makes it more convenient for me to share my ideas to the world. In a flash I get to publish or save a draft. Thanks Bloggeroid! ☺

2. Facebook Page Manager

I also had this uninstalled months ago but since I am keen at maintaining this site's online presence instead of my personal facebook account am giving it a second try. Let's see how it helps in my blog promotion. Review on it to follow.

3. DU Battery Saver

Of course I gotta make sure this gadget is alive 24/7 and what better app is there than a battery saver? Hmmm so far it's working just the way I want it. I love that the app notifies me when my memory space is almost full and the ease with which I get to clean up unused data on my Samsung Galaxy Note II GT N700.

That's all for now. Watch out for more useful application shares here on The Letters In November.

Written in between reading legal cases ☺
In case you missed my law school adventure story, dig the law school label. Ciao! ☺
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