Monday, November 24, 2014

A Night At Oasis Country Resort Hotel

Last month the hubby and I finally got to avail of the discount card and coupon for a free stay at one of the rooms at Oasis Country Resort Hotel.

We availed of the promo- "free room for ordering food costing a minimum of 1000 Php". I just came from a week long seminar in the metropolitan area and we were supposed to attend our law school acquiantance party. Talk about perfect timing to enjoy such amenities. The room actually had two beds and had the basic comforts of home away from home. 

Famished from eating mostly foreign cuisines I was craving for my favorite "sinigang na bangus/milkfish" and was fully satisfied with Oasis' version of it. 

See that broth above that promised a sour taste that was just enough to waken one's senses matching the slightly spicy aroma of green pepper? Tomatoes always make me smile because of their lively color and anti-Cancer properties. And of course I love green, leafy vegetables so this was a total hit for me.

For dessert we had Oasis Country Resort's leche flan. I can say it was yum!

Shall we stay at Oasis Country Resort again? In a heartbeat! I'd love to try the other hotel amenities and their other Ilocano specialties that gives one a fulfilling experience in the North. 

~not a sponsored post, just another happy customer's honest opinion

Sevilla Center, City of San Fernando, La Union, Philippines, 2500
Telephone: 006372 242-56-21
Telefax: 006372 242-56-31
E-mail Address:

P.S. I once worked in this hotel a long time ago so yes, It does have a special place in my heart :)

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  1. you got me craving for sinigang na bangus! and oh, please pass me the leche flan plssss. M made some for me on my bday last month but he did a little tweak on his previous successful recipe and it FAILED. lol


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