Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Surprising Health Benefits Of Drinking Whiskey

One of the most popular alcohol drinks available is whiskey. It’s often a top choice when people have a night out. However, a lot of people associate the drink with seniors, but it has a lot of benefits compared to other spirits such as vodka and gin. Here are some surprising health benefits of drinking whiskey.

You are less likely to develop dementia

A surprising health benefit of drinking whiskey is that you are less likely to develop issues with your brain. Drinking the alcoholic beverage boosts your brain. It reduces your chances of developing dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Therefore, people are drinking whiskey in moderation to ensure they live a longer life.

It isn’t full of fat like other drinks

One surprising health benefit of drinking whiskey is that it isn’t full of fat compared to other alcohol benefits. As this article reveals, in a 1.50oz shot of whiskey, there is no fat at all. Therefore, drinking the beverage will see you not putting on lots of weight like other drinks. It means you can have a good time, but can still maintain your weight after a night out on the town. You could try a different type of whiskey such as the Japanese kikori whiskey which is made from healthy rice. You can read reviews of Kikori Whiskey to see if you fancy trying it.

It can protect you against heart issues

Another surprising benefit of drinking whiskey is that it can help protect you against heart disease. This study found that people who consumed a moderate amount of whiskey regularly had a 50% lower chance of experiencing a stroke or a heart attack. Therefore, it’s worth drinking a moderate amount of the beverage to help you being at risk of cardiovascular issues.

It can treat you for the common cold

You may also be surprised to know that drinking whiskey can help you if you are suffering from a common cold. If you have a nasty cough that won’t go away, adding whiskey to a cup of hot water will kill the bacteria in the throat and works nearly as well as cough syrup. If you drink the beverage, it can also prevent you from getting colds during the year.

It can help you with digestion

Another surprising health benefit of drinking whiskey is that it can help you with digestion. If you have had a heavy meal, it can help your body digest the food efficiently, so that you won’t end up with a bad stomach later on. Drinking a glass of whiskey can also prevent you from eating further food later on in the day.

Remember that you need to drink whiskey in moderation. If you start driving it regularly, you could be at risk of alcoholism, and it can end up causing you to have other health issues. Therefore, as we talked about before, stick to the recommended units a day and give your body a break a couple of days a week.

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