Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Diet, Diet! My Recent Weight Loss Victory

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Hmmmmm I can finally say that I did it! I loss weight! Hurray! Wanna know how I did it? READ ON.

I never really thought I could actually lose a bit of the pounds I have gained when the hubby went to work away from the country. I spent my down moments downing whatever calories got within my reach LOL.

Turns out when he finally came home we had some sort of a rough time. Some kind of marriage tangles if you know what I mean. I guess in every marriage comes a point in time when there are issues left unsettled. To cut the story short we have gotten past the difficult stage. We are okay now. The wonderful thing that happened out of it all was my WEIGHT LOSS haha! I don't advise getting your marriages or relationships rocky just to avail of the slimming down effect huh! I'm just saying that for me, stirred my motivation. I therefore think, without a real MOTIVATION it might be difficult to sustain a weight loss project. So aside from the depression side of my slimming here goes my sure fire tips to subtracting numbers from your waist line...

1. Ditch soda for good.

It helped a lot! I remember that it was the first thing I did. The hubby was still away then when I had dizzy spells making me rush to the hospital laboratory to have my blood tested. I had increased blood sugar and way bit high cholesterol levels. The bad experience of the drowsiness made me decide altogether to say ba bye Soda! When you feel that urge to gobble up sweet cold softdrinks, just settle for cool water. It will quench your thirst for real! Promise! Oh I must add you must not substitute the soda with other sugar rich artificial drinks. The best would be to choose natural fruit juices instead.

2. Go for some dessert.

It would not help to totally say NO to your cravings. Once in a while it is okay to indulge in moderation.

3. Move as much as you can.

Back in my lazy bum days I preferred to move less so as not to sweat and conserve energy. I realized the more I walked around the house fixing things and cleaning up, the more I felt good. Exercise does not have to be done in the gym or in the park.

4. Focus on your goal.

Getting to wear that skirt you have been hiding in your closet wishing it would someday fit will inspire you believe me. Eye on your goal and you will achieve your dream body LOL.

5. Whatever happens, remind yourself you are doing it not just to LOOK GOOD but to have GOOD HEALTH.

Needless to say, "health is wealth," nobody could argue with that. The key is to stay fit and not overdo dieting. You do not want to "die, yet" but to "diet".

Hmmmmm time to head for home, will munch veggies for dinner!

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