Saturday, December 5, 2015

Healthy Lifestyle/Home Sweet Home: On DOGS and HAPPINESS and LOVE

     This morning I took the time to just watch the sky change colors. I was digging the ground to plant some vegetables when the sky became too irresistible not to capture. The kaleidoscope got my heart beating fast so I ran to the house to grab my cam and started snapping photos waiting for the sun to rise. I was surprised to realize my solitude was invaded by our dog "M" who sat in front of me and seemed to be in prayer watching the sun come out from the mountains.

This was the scenery that caught my attention first, the clouds being colored pink then peach. I remembered friends from across the miles who would be thrilled seeing their favorite colors parading.

 So there I was with "M" marveling at the show someone Above was playing, reminding us that "each new day is a gift".

After awhile I decided to sit behind "M" and silently watched him and wondered what he must have been thinking.

     I was amazed at how long he stared at the clouds and sky. He must have been sending messages to heaven. Do dogs pray? I'd like to believe they do and I'd like to see them in heaven too someday if indeed the place does exist. I believe it does.

I called out his name and he looked at me. I thought he would move out and walk away but he stayed there with me, watching, just watching quietly without a bark...

 and somewhere in the crevices of my brain I envied "M" for all the time he has to spend with mother nature, just relying on man's love and caring for food and shelter and the simplicity of his life...sometimes I think animals are the higher form of beings because unlike human beings they do not waste time with so many material things they do not actually need to survive. Sometimes I wish I could talk to animals, that I could understand and really speak their language, perhaps they could teach me more about happiness and loyalty and caring.
      On caring this is what I am talking about, our other dog "K-1" suddenly joined us and went straight to "M" and they engaged in what seemed like an embrace.
 and kissed and licked each other like there was no tomorrow...

      Watching them gave me a sense of peace. A feeling that somehow as long as there is LOVE and CARING there will be a better world. A world we could pass on to our children and the children of our children.

      A world where people know what truly makes them happy. A world free of prejudice and hate and sorrow...there'd be no need for nuclear weapons and people won't destroy and kill each other for power.
In my heart I pray the world never ends...that we could always enjoy a breath of fresh air, clean abundant water, play under the shade of trees, run on sandy beaches, swim with fishes in the ocean and get to spend precious time with the ones we love and that everyone in all the world recognize LOVE and share LOVE in its purest form....

 like white fluffy clouds against the bluest of skies....
under a sunny summer day with birds and flowers...
and dogs and you and ME....
and the rest of creation.....
giggling, laughing, running 
and climbing the stairs of HEAVEN 
and the peace and quiet it represents....

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  1. aw, M is so cute. just watching and sitting quietly with you. you have such a beautiful place ate kulasa. It reminds me of the paintings of Fernando Amorsolo :) Mga bukirin at kapatagan. haha

  2. Lovely sky captures. Looks like a relaxing time enjoying the sky with your dogs. Beautiful photos!

  3. Oh, are sky are so beautiful and colorful to see! And your dog, what can I say? He is admiring the gorgeous creation of God!

  4. Oh, very inspiring to know about dogs stopping to watch and appreciate the beauty of sunrise. Dogs sure teach us how to be still to bow down to God's beautiful creations and promises of new day. Beautiful sky shots, lovely colors Zen.

  5. a thing i believe is that most of "our" animals are more in touch with the creator than we and much more sensitive to spiritual things. And then i also believe i have a whole pack of animals waiting for me on the other side!

  6. its inspiring even dogs can appreciate the beauty of the sky and the natures around us. I love all your photos.

  7. When you rise early you witness some magic of the morning, like these moments you captured. So lovely with your handsome dog M in them. Love your shots.

    Visiting from Blue Monday,

  8. Beautifully captured sunrise sis! There is indeed peace and serenity in every God's creation. Just like you,I envy "M" for the reliance on God and for having all the time in the world to enjoy every single moment of God's revelation.

    Thank you very much for this heartwarming post Sis. I feel blessed reading this post and looking at your snapshots.

  9. Your dog is such a good model. Everyday brings new hope for us!

    Healthy Blue
    Your opinion always matters, come leave me one. Thanks.

  10. It's amaze to know your dog loves to enjoy the beauties of the sunrise moments.
    Wonderful shots.

  11. Is he a labrador sis? I always love looking at sunrise!

  12. M, I envy you doggie, napagmasdan mo ang isang napakagandang bukang liwayway Sis, 'nalaglag palda' ko sa mga photos mo. It reminds me na There is really a God who owns the world. Buti he let us see his masterpieces.

  13. breathtaking colours, you should have been loaded with positive energy for the day I suppose; so cool to see the dog getting also impressed by this beauty:-9 happy new week!

  14. "A world where people know what truly makes them happy. "- yes, if we all could follow "M" to take in all the rejuvenating energy from the beauty of sunrise. very beautiful skies, yo are blessed to be able to see this marvel of beauty right in front of your house.

  15. That's amazing at how your dog was watching the sky! It begs us to wonder, isn't it? Your sky photos are beautiful and dramatic!

  16. Beautiful photos! Nakakainggit yung marurunong talaga mag-capture ng mga breath-taking pictures! At naman, ang mga alagang aso, mukhang napaaga ng Valentine's Day nila! At sa sunset pa! Hehehe.. =)

  17. awesome morning pictures...i always love sunrise and sunset plus the dogs, makes me missed our dogs in kids missed them too! :) Most of all, i love everything you wrote in this post, happiness and love is simple if we only humans knew how to do it right. God's really amazing, He let you captured the beauty of each day and thanks for sharing it with us! :) And your place looks so beautiful and peaceful. I kept looking back on your photos, galing.

  18. Beautiful post! The captures are stunning indeed, it is a pleasure to see the sun rising. To see those clouds change colors, almost magically. That is nature at its very best. And he certainly seems to be enjoying the show that God has put up!
    Have a lovely day Zen :)

  19. I didn't know that you're in the salitypesociety group. Now I am trying to figure out the connections. :-)

  20. just like you, M was amazed at how beautiful God's creations are. I would too if I was there, your place is really beautiful. And you captured it just right, galing! :)

  21. It seems like your place is a good one to catch a break from a busy city life. It is very serene.

  22. i am soooooo blessed to have you and Beth. you guys are real heaven sent angels. for once i believe i was also one, just that when i fell on earth, i bumped into a hard soil and i grew two horns. hehehehehe!

    looooooooooooooooveyew!!! keep on writing and inspiring. your words are too precious to keep in your heart and mind. keep on pouring them out for the world to read.

    touched by another angel today. God loves me too much. :D

  23. Wow! You always leave me in awe by merely looking at your photos and touch my heart with your words. I love the way you speak your mind. I believe it is a gift.

    I myself want to believe that dogs do pray and if they really do, I will ask my dog to help me pray for my keep them safe at all times.

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