Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Secrets to Living a Long, Healthy Life

The secrets to a long, healthy life vary from culture to culture. One woman lived until she was over 100 years old, and thanked smoking Marijuana every day for her long life. Now, we don’t promote or condone the use of this drug, but we do have lots of other secrets to help you live longer (much better than smoking!). These secrets have been proven to work, and all you need to do is try to fit them into your daily routine to see a bright, shiny future. Enjoy!


Drink Lots of Water

You can never drink too much water! This liquid is literally the god of all beverages, and should be your main drink of choice wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. 2-3 litres per day should suffice to keep your body hydrated and flushing out those nasty toxins. Water also has the added benefits of aiding weight loss, giving glowing skin, and helping us to feel energised and refreshed!

Walk as Much as You Can

You can’t underestimate walking as a great exercise. Although it’s low impact, it’s been proven to burn more fat than running, and is great for our health overall. Plus, you can enjoy the fresh air and scenery!

Eat a Good Diet with Treats in Moderation

A good diet is essential for keeping our insides healthy and happy. This isn’t to say you can’t have treats, just have them in moderation. You could eat clean all week and then have a treat day on the weekend, or you could allow yourself one small treat per day/night.

Don’t Smoke

Smoking is so bad for us, and with the wealth of information out there about it now, it’s a wonder people haven’t packed it in. It’s a disgusting habit; it makes us smell, turns out teeth yellow, eats up all of our hard earned cash, and can cause diseases like cancer. What better reason do you need to pack it in, or never start in the first place?

Consume Alcohol in Moderation

Alcohol should always be consumed in moderation. Stick to the recommended units per day, and try to avoid alcohol for at least a couple of days a week. If you can go for weeks without drinking alcohol, even better!

Have Sex

That’s right - a bit of hanky panky is proven to help us live long and prosper. Not only does it release endorphins into our brain, helping us to feel happier and less stressed; it connects us emotionally to our partner and allows us to bond with them. Nobody ever wished they had less sex, so go and get down to it!

Work Out

Work out around 3 times per week, and you’ll notice amazing benefits! You should never overtrain or workout for too long - 45 minutes should do. Simply find something you enjoy, and go ahead and get started. This could be a sport like Crossfit, dancing like Zumba, swimming, running - anything that makes you feel happy and alive. Exercise not only makes us look good, but fights off diseases and illness too. If you have certain goals you’d like to achieve with your exercise routine, you could also try a supplement like creatine monohydrate powder to help you on your way.

Above all else, remember to stay positive, no matter what’s going on. You’ve spilt water on your laptop, your cars MOT is up, your e-reader has mysteriously broken...whatever the case, it could be worse, and worrying never helped anybody to live longer. Go out and enjoy life!

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  1. well i have all but 1 of these down pat and no i am not going to tell you which one - you will have to guess!


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