Saturday, March 15, 2014

Helthy Living: Today's Walk

On my way home today as always I could not stop myself from appreciating the fallen leaves on my path as well as those that my shoulders touched.

1. The Yellow Heart-Shaped Leaf 

It stood out proudly among robust green ones. It reminded me of a life lived well which when looked back at gives one a sense of peace and contentment at the dwindling hours of life.

2. The Varied Fallen Leaves On The Ground

Those were crispy to walk on and though most were already dried and brown, there was something so beautiful about them being mixed with the green fresh ones which could have been blown by some strong wind. It gave me thoughts of grandmothers and grandchildren having a grand time discussing the past and the future. I've read somewhere that spending time with people above sixty and below six years old adds years to our lives. "They sure do know how to spend quality time." Talk about having the time to sit and stare at the clouds and just be drinking milk, spilling it and not having a care in the world. Now I miss my late grandpa. He never sat around without creating something with his carpentry tools though.

3.  The Tattered Yellow-brown Leaf

It gave me the impression there must be something wrong with it. It didn't look healthy at all. It had scratches and many abnormally deep hued edges. Looking at it closely though I was amazed to see it actually gave shelter to another tiny brown leaf. The sentimental side of me felt compassion and pride for it gave me a vision of a person who has so many struggles in life yet still has time TO GIVE TO OTHERS. 

4. The New Leaves

Soft and lightly colored and occupying the distal third of the branches they swayed gallantly with the wind. New beginnings, new chapters in life, moving on and letting go- those were written all over the new leaves I saw.

5. The Leaves Scattered On the Foot-bridge

I must have looked silly taking a shot of the bridge I always pass by. I could not stop myself. It looked pretty awesome to me. The leaves seemed to have been put there as garlands for a promenade. I wanted to just stand there and stare. As I did, the new life I am about to embrace unfolded in my imagination. Remember THE JOURNEY I talked about in a previous post? It could happen anytime soon, if the Lord wills it. So please continue joining me in my daily walks, onwards to giving glory to THE ONE WHO CREATED EVERYTHING.

How about you? What do these leaves tell you? Whisper them in the comment box. I would be more than glad to know....

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