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The Disgusting Habits Women Wish Men Would Give Up

Men tend to have some pretty disgusting habits - it’s in their nature to be gross, while women are the fairer species. If you’re a woman reading this hoping to put your male companion off his dirty habits for life, then you need to sit him down and force him to read this. If you’re a male reading this and any of these habits apply to you, I can only assume that you’re single or on the verge of breaking up with your other half. Some things are better left to the imagination in a relationship! Let’s take a look at the disgusting habits women wish men would give up:


Clipping Toenails Anywhere But The Bin

When you clip your toenails, the toenail fairy does not come and collect them. She definitely doesn’t leave a pound under your pillow. The toenails you cut off anywhere other than the bin, e.g, the living room and the bedroom, can easily become a lethal weapon to us ladies and even pets. Leaving them in a pile on the coffee table is just as gross, if not worse. Clip your toenails over the bath or the bin for goodness sake!

Picking and Flicking

It isn’t that hard to buy a box of tissues guys. It isn’t ever nice watching your other half pick a juicy green bogey only to flick it the speed of lightning into territory unknown.


Sometimes drooling can’t be helped, but a lot of the time simply breathing through your nose and choosing not to sleep on the pretty pillows can help eliminate gross drool.

Leaving Shavings in the Sink

Clean the sink when you’re done shaving. It’s that simple! Those little hairs are not invisible, yes we do notice them, and yes you need to clean them up.

Dropping Stink Bombs

Why some men love dropping the stinkiest stink bombs you’ve ever smelled I’ll never know. Save this behaviour for your friends. Your girlfriend will not appreciate it while you’re cuddling, and she especially won’t appreciate it in bed.

Scratching Bits in Public

Scratching and shifting your bits around in public is not attractive by anybodies standards. Don’t forget where you are gents!


Smoking is gross. It looks gross, it smells gross, and it makes you look and smell gross. Minty breath and white teeth are preferential when it comes to males, so get yourself an e-cig from 10 motives and pack in those cancer sticks.

Weeing on The Toilet Seat

If you sprinkle when you tinkle please be sweet and wipe the seat. The toilet bowl is quite large, so don’t blame being too groggy when you wake up in the middle of the night or the morning to go. If you happen to miss, wipe the seat and any bits you happened to get on the floor.

We’re not saying all men have these habits, but they should definitely be nipped in the bud for us ladies own sanity. Who wants a smoking, farting, scratching, drooling, nose picking boyfriend? Not me!

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