Monday, March 17, 2014

Healthy Living: What To Do When You Are Stressed Out


Hmmmm Tough Thing Eh?

~and yep you can say at the moment I am at a point in my life where my stress level could escalate above the maximum 10.0 :)

I am set for my pre-oral thesis defense in a few hours and tomorrow for an interview. How do I feel? Well, I must admit initially my reaction was that of someone ready to SNAP and lose it hahaha. So what did I do?

First, I closed my eyes and prayed- "Lord, I will do my best but thy will be done"....

~the prayer made my mind feel relaxed but my heart was still racing so....

I sent a message to my mom and my besties- "I'm panicky because of so and so and blah and blah"...

~they listened patiently as always and in a snap sent me the most comforting and reassuring words in the world...WORKED LIKE MAGIC!

I then breathed in and breathed out and took some time to sleep....

~really sleep and dream about all the good things in life that I already have...

When I woke up I found myself counting my blessings and surprisingly Being Ready To Face The Challenge of Today....

What about tomorrow? 

~I am letting it rest in God's arms for now, I treasure the fact that I am ALIVE and have the chance to IMPROVE myself so I could SERVE others better....

My Dad Loved to Say- "You should always have a plan."

~so what is my plan now?- SIMPLY TO DO MY BEST AND TRUST THAT GOD WILL DO THE REST...~ (cliche but it always works! in FAITH, IT DOES)

Have a great day dear friends! 

~I hope you got inspired to TAKE IT EASY, NO MATTER WHAT because SOMEONE watches over us, ALWAYS~

4 yorum:

  1. your dad sounds so much like M. haha! yabyew! too blessed to be stressed. :)

  2. A really fantastic comfort, my dear! Give it all to God, and just do your best..Good luck to you on this endeavor; I will be thinking of you!

  3. God bless your plans Zen, praying with you

  4. PS.....congrats by the way on the thesis part, good luck on the interview part. God's best be upon you.


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