Saturday, May 14, 2016

Rise Of The Reading Room: What It Is And How To Create It

Modern technology is a staple in the lives of many. The advent of laptops, tablets, and powerful phones means we are often bombarded by screens. As with any prevalent trend, however, there is an interesting backlash. Many people are shunning technology and elaborate entertainment systems in favor of something classical. The reading room. A home reading room is effectively a hybrid of a lounge, library, and study. It is usually piled high with books or at least a few favorites and accented with comfortable seating. It should be cosy, inviting, and peaceful. At their best, reading rooms are simple to create whether we have a modest or spacious room. They ooze sophistication, timelessness, and can double-up as an effective home office or study for the whole family. If you’re tired of noisy spaces and technology overloads, read on to discover how you can easily create a tranquil reading room.


A reading room doesn’t have to have an impressive collection right away. What is more important is the way that the books are displayed. Lining a few simple shelves with favorites or classics is a great way to start. Ensure that your shelves are sturdy and fit for purpose. If your unit was only fitted for ornament use or lighter objects, add books slowly and carefully. It is unwise to position seating under shelving units in any case. But be especially careful when adding heavy items. If we are aiming for a classical appearance, taller shelves in similar finishes are the way to go. If we want a more playful, lived-in aesthetic then we can add shelves in a variety of heights of colors. This can make the room appealing for children as well. They will soon grow to love selecting their favorite stories and settling down to hear them in the peace and quiet of the reading room.


As we will be relaxing and unwinding in the reading room, comfortable seating is a must. We can add designer sofas for a truly sumptuous atmosphere. Or scattered cosy armchairs create a friendly space. Adding bean bags and footstools can be fun for a family and add a more dynamic feel to the area. If we don’t feel like our current seating suits the overall “look” we’re going for, we can add details. Blankets, covers, and cushions can all help to adjust color palettes and create a welcoming feel. With the addition of a few pops of color, we can probably save ourselves the expense of reupholstering too.


Controlling the temperature of the reading room is perhaps especially important if we are trying to preserve the books. In excessively damp conditions books can rapidly deteriorate, for example. Excessive heat can quickly become a fire hazard around paper. Try instead to rely largely on natural air circulation. Where possible, open a window for a few hours a day to allow the temperature to regulate. If we rely on heating or air conditioning in the house, we can protect our books with cabinets. A wide variety of lockable or secure cabinets are available that will help to protect our books against the elements. That way, we can be as warm or cool as we like with no worries about the condition of our library.

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