Thursday, March 10, 2016

Four Things We Often Forget When Decorating Our Home

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There’s a lot of information to keep in your head when you’re redecorating. Especially if you are taking on the job yourself as a spot of D.I.Y. So there’s no wonder people often forget bits and bobs as they spruce up their house. If you plan ahead and know exactly what you’re doing, you’ll be less likely to make mistakes. But we’re all prone to forgetful moments! To give you a helping hand in your decorating, here are five things people often forget when decorating their home. Make sure you don’t too!

Discuss A Budget

If you and your partner have decided to redecorate on your own, discuss a budget together. This then puts you on the same page as one another, and you both have the same idea of how much you have to spend on supplies. If you are getting contractors in, let them know how much you want to spend for the job. They will then see if they can give you a quote to match this price. Once you have agreed on a price with them, make sure they understand that you can’t budge on this price. Otherwise, you might end up being charged for unnecessary extras.

Don’t Neglect The Garden

It’s an important part of a house, so how come many people always forget to maintain their garden? Don’t get lazy when it comes to your outside areas, as an untidy garden can really drag down the value of a stylish home. Even if you aren’t planning on selling your home anytime soon, improving your garden will bring many benefits. Only a few small changes to your outdoor d├ęcor can make you want to relax outside more often!

Photo from Pexels

Test Your Paint

Don’t forget you can always test out paint before you decide to paint an entire wall in it. Many D.I.Y. stores offer mini tins of each paint colour for free so you can test out different shades. All you need to do is paint a square of each colour on your wall. This will give you an idea of how each colour will look with your current furnishings. Then you’ll know which one will look best.

Measure Up

It should be one of the first things people to do prepare for a redesign. All too often, though, it slips people's’ minds. Before you even decide on a style for your new interiors, you should know the dimensions of the room. This will help you with buying wallpaper if you decide to paper. This is also really useful information to have for when it comes to buying new furniture. Especially if you have a specific space in between current items that you want to fill. Don’t measure up and you might return from the furniture store with a sofa that is way too big!

So don’t slip up when it comes to creating a new look for your home! Print out this post if you need to and keep it as a checklist. Now you can start your redecorating safe in the knowledge you won’t forget anything important!

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