Saturday, May 14, 2016

My Natural Remedies For Aches

Yes I am a healer by profession and when it comes to my own body I don't take pills at once. I don't get sick often (I shouldn't, right?) When I have a headache, a sore throat or colds here's what I do so I get back in shape pronto:

Note: The following is recommended only for those with no long-standing/ previously diagnosed serious diseases

1. I increase my fluid intake.

Water, water, water and natural fruit juices cleanses our system and gets rid of waste. A bothersome side effect though is having to go to the loo every now and then but moving around the house to get there keeps our muscles active eh!

2. I go to sleep.

I hit the bed, I close my eyes and doze off. When we experience body aches it means we need to recharge. By the time we have the energy to open those lids and bounce out the sheets we've been fully rested.

3. Ze Chicken soup works.

Except of course if you're allergic to chicken *hehe*
The warm soup with herbs soothes the throat and gives us energy. Careful not to make the soup too salty! Add in fruits and veggies and the protein we need for healing on your plate and you'll be feeling very well in no time.

4. I pray.

Sometimes I feel guilty for only thinking of God when I am unwell, yet I know in my heart He understands and when I let the pain pass through His healing wisdom, I get healed. 

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