Saturday, May 14, 2016

Handy Home Cures For Common Ailments

There are some ailments and illnesses that medicines can’t always treat. Sometimes, we just have to ride through the pain until our body eventually begins to feel better. But that doesn’t mean that there is nothing you can do to ease the various symptoms. You might even be surprised to find that there are many everyday items in your cupboards that could help you feel so much better. Want to know how you can help your body and immune system? Read on for all the information!

Drink Plenty Of Water

Water is a miracle substance! It can help your skin look healthy, flush toxins from your body, and also increase your metabolism. But it can help your immune system as well, and ward off some common illnesses. Increased water consumption has been shown to relieve the symptoms of arthritis and gout. It can also strengthen your bones, reducing your risk of osteoporosis. But one of the best ways it can help your family is by preventing colds. If your kids drink plenty of water, they won’t suffer from the sniffles so much through the colder months!


This delicious food not only tastes fantastic in cakes and on oatmeal, but it can also help you out whenever you are feeling under the weather. Ever since the ancient Egyptians, people have been using honey as a natural remedy for many issues. It has a very high antioxidant level, so can help to prevent life-threatening diseases. But it is also useful in caring for wounds. Some people find that applying Manuka honey to sores and ulcers can reduce pain and swelling. Buckwheat honey is said to be a great cure for colds.

Spices And Herbs

You will certainly have many different spices and herbs in your kitchen. But they don’t just have to be used in cooking. Cinnamon can improve diabetic’s blood-sugar level while cloves are full of anti-inflammatory chemicals. Some people swear that cloves can help cure toothaches. To try it out, bite on a clove to release its oil and press it against the sore tooth for half an hour. Garlic is also a great medicine—it fights colds, sinus infections, and yeast infections.

Throwing Up

If you ingest a potentially dangerous substance, then the quickest way to try and prevent it affecting your body is to throw it up. However, this should only be a very last resort, and isn’t suitable for some substances. It is fine to try and throw up undercooked meat, though. This can be a quicker preventative solution than trying to get an emergency doctor’s appointment. So, how do you make yourself throw up? Check online for guides as it can be dangerous, if you do it incorrectly.

There are lots of other common storecupboard ingredients that you can use to help fight off potential illness and ailments. Read up about each ingredient so that you understand their properties and effects. The more you know about the different home remedies, the healthier your family will be!

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