Saturday, May 14, 2016

Three Appliances We Need- #Hubby-Me Convo Series

I'm officially letting you in onto our "hubby-Me conversations". Brace yourself for non-sense rant LOL.

So, here goes the list:

1. A new refrigerator

The old one has been making weird noises like an asthmatic lunatic. I suggested we have it repaired- ze hubby wants it replaced. I'm praying it fixes itself, a new one sounds expensive *hahaha*.

2. A water dispenser

This is related to number one LOL. I've been convincing ze hubby we need that appliance that makes cool water since he can't live without cool water and hot water because I am his living coffee maker *haha* Today I think I won because he was telling ze mom-in-law we ought to buy one ASAP :)

3. An oven

Hmmmm that sounds like am gonna be making pizza and baking cake soon! I dunno when I'll turn into chef Zen though *haha* I'm a self-confessed once in a blue moon cook LOL.

Hubby (kissing me on the cheeks): So, whose gonna pay for the water dispenser? Let's share in the expense okay?

Me: Depends on the quality of your kiss (winking)

Ending- We postponed the trip to the mall LOL

~More none sense next time tehee!

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