Saturday, May 14, 2016

Looking After Loved Ones When The Live Far Away From You

Do you have loved ones who live some way away from you? Here are some ideas for looking after them and making them feel cared for, no matter the distance.

Keep in regular contact
Text messages and messages via social media and email are a great way to keep regular contact. But don’t forget to call and hear one another’s voice occasionally. It might also be an idea to set a specific time and day each week that you talk on the phone or Skype. That way you can develop a routine.


Send care packages
Emails, calls, and texts are fantastic, sure. But how about going a bit old-fashioned, and actually posting something? It will make a nice change to find a special care package within the usual pile of bills and junk mail!
Also, companies who send these packages on your behalf are becoming more and more popular. If you loved one loves to drink tea and read, how about a package with a new novel and a flavored tea? Or, if you’re sending a package to your daughter who loves makeup, how about a beauty box?


Schedule visits well in advance
If you can’t pop around for a cup of tea every few days, you may have to get used to seeing each other not that often. So, plan your visits well in advance, so you have something to work towards.
If they really do live too far away to visit once a month, arrange a yearly family reunion instead. Plan well in advance. This gives everybody time to save up money for travel and accommodation. It also means that every family member can give their employers notice that they’ll want time off well in advance. Booking nice and early will also mean that you get the best rates on any flights or packages you book. While a year is a long time to wait, part of the fun will be organizing the activities. It will also give everyone something tangible to look forward to.


Arrange Home Care where necessary
For some of us, we worry that our loved ones don’t get the company and human contact they need when we are not around. If this is the case with you, consider hiring some home care. Professional yet warm, these companies can offer a range of services. They can help with things like washing and dressing. Or they can just stop by for a friendly chat. They can also contact you about their visits, and give you updates on what has been going on. This is a sure-fire way to put your mind at rest.

Help them find friends

Whether your loved ones have just moved to University, or into a Nursing Home, you’ll want to know they have friends. However, making friends isn’t quite as easy as it is for young children! Adults have inhibitions, and it can lead to them being quite lonely. Play an active role in helping them find friends. For elderly parents, for example, take them to a local activity or club you think they will enjoy. Accompany them for the first time while they settle in and find their feet.

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