Saturday, May 14, 2016

How To Survive Being Far Away From Your Spouse

Sounds like a feat eh? Because a feat it is! I never thought we'd survive too but we did! It's only been a year of being miles away from ze hubby but now I claim to be an expert on this topic LOL. A month, a year or more doesn't matter. When you love someone, AWAY is far away still no matter how long. So how did I manage?

1. We kept in touch.

-kept in touch like we were in one continent, in one country, in one home. It helped that the time difference where he went for a mission was such that when it was 1AM here, it was 1PM there and so on and so forth so it wasn't that difficult finding the right time to chat. All thanks to Skype and Viber and Facebook, seeing him real-time was just a screen touch mode!

2. We took each day one at a time.

Surely I was broken-hearted the moment his plane left the airport. I was so used to relying on him for simple decision making at home and even at work. How could I function when I could no longer ask him 24/7 about this and that? But I managed, because I focused on the here and now. I kept telling myself I had to learn to do things on my own. When he left I could barely drive our SUV. I learned, and I passed my test. So when the kids bugged me about going to the city, drive I did and boy I was good LOL. I concentrated on work but not neglecting the kids. I kept my hobby- blogging that is obviously and that kept me on track. 

3. We said the magic word over and over.

The word?- Love of course! I love you was the start and ending of each of our conversations.

4. We prayed.

We asked for guidance from above to give us good health always and to keep us together in heart and spirit.

5. Lastly and most importantly, we trusted each other.

It's the one thing that will keep lovers missing each other sane LOL.

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