Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Summer's Here, So Make Sure You're Enjoying It With The Best Food

The sun is finally out for most of us and it’s time to get out and enjoy it. Summer means looser clothes and lots of tanned people. It also means that it’s time to switch up how you eat. Summer means lighter foods and eating in beautiful weather. Do you want delicious healthy treats in the summer? Or just don’t want to ruin it by getting food that’ll leave you feeling all heavy. Either way, here are a few pointers. Make your summer all the more enjoyable with the kind of dining experiences that will have you looking forward to summer just a bit more each year.

Dining outside
The single best thing about eating in the summer is being able to take it out in into the sun. If you don’t already have an outside dining area set up, we recommend you do it now. If you have a patio or decking, that can be the perfect place to set up a little table and some chairs. You don’t need a lot of space to it, however. You can have just as great an experience setting up a meal on a little picnic blanket. Relaxing on the grass with a meal and a glass of wine from somewhere like FineBarrel.

Heat up the barbeque
We likely don’t need to be telling you this. There are already people stoking up the barbeque right now. Barbeques are an event as much as they are a meal. Wow your family and friends alike by making your very own sauce or glaze. Don’t make it too spicy, however. There’s nothing that can spoil a summer evening by overheating and it’s hot enough already. Remember the usual tip for barbecuing as well. Going for the chargrilled look is a lot better than risking some pink middles. Especially for pork and chicken.

Keep it light
Summer nights can be stuffy. In fact, they can be so bad you get stuck in a torpor just sitting in your home. Heavy, sumptuous food isn’t going to help with that. Barbeques aside, it’s a good idea to stick to light, crisp food in the summers. Egg salads with fresh lettuce and tomatoes are a simple, delicious and light dinner for a stuffy night. If you love your meat, we won’t deny you that, of course. It takes just six minutes to make delicious salmon burgers. A loss less weighty than beef but certain not lacking in flavour.

Summer snacks
The kind of snacks you want on a summer’s day are much the same. Ice cream is a delicious treat, but too much and you start feeling uncomfortably sluggish. A fruit gelato gives you that same delicious taste but with less of a sugar hangover afterwards. You want to keep your treats light and sweet. Juicier alternatives make a great choice too. They can even stop you from getting dehydrated, a common woe in the summertime. Why not prepare a fruit salad or a nice cold smoothie to enjoy after you’re done with dinner? You don’t have to go unhealthy to go delicious.

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