Sunday, October 13, 2013

My Top Five Favorite Food

This is a "food" overloaded post so please have a glass of water beside you while scrolling down so you don't end up running to the fridge and ruining your diet plan. Otherwise if you are in Australia, you might want to order takeaway from when the craving gets too strong to resists. After all, some of you might have been yearning for an appetizer to set your mood to eat to no avail. This might just be the right read to bring your appetite back!

Across the world, there are a multitude of recipes that we could dig and try to cook ourselves. But what if we are too busy and too tired to whip up a delectable meal for the family? Great thing is we could always opt to ORDER ONLINE.

I am such a foodie myself and though I often talk about dieting and all, I make it a point not to deprive myself. Studies have shown that eating small frequent meals is one of the best tricks in keeping our bodies aptly energized. The key is to eat everything in moderation. 

So, what are your favorite dishes? 

Grab that glass of water now and take two to three gulps. LOL.

These are my TOP FIVE favorite food in no particular order. 

1. Pizza

May it be overloaded with meat or the vegetarian version, thick or thin crust as long as it is generously topped with cheese with lots of green pepper, mushrooms and onions it takes me to a heavenly moment. My favorite actually are ones with juicy slightly sour and sweet pineapples that literally squirt goodness inside my mouth when bitten. Sprinkled with chili sauce aaahhh perfect while watching tv series or movies on a friday night. I found a pizzeria in Australia online that seems to have perfect gourmet style pizza. Their Chicky babe pizza with avocado is a must try!

The Pinnacles, Nambung National Park, Western Australia

Loyal followers of this blog must remember my friend Marla based in Australia whose trip to The Pinnacles, Nambung National Park, Western Australia I featured here around two months ago. She loves pizza too. She never fails to send me Christmas presents each year and I thank her from the bottom of my heart. I miss eating out with her so much. I wish one sweet day she could take me to restaurants in Melbourne to have a taste of their finest. 

2. I scream for ICECREAM!!!!

When I was a kid my mom forbid me to eat anything too cold or sweet because I often had sore throat. And I was always left imagining how it would feel like to let that cold, sweet taste linger on my tongue and lips. The softness of the scoop of cream always made me think of another soft treat, marshmallows and my tongue would chaste that sensation until everything melted in my mouth leaving me wondering whether there really was marshmallow in it. Whew, I am craving now here myself. I think I need a glass of water too.
The best icecream flavor for me? Chocolate, definitely!

3. Fruits of every color and shape!

I love bananas! Apples, berries and anything edible that grows out of trees. The vitamins and minerals and natural fiber we get from them is priceless. I love how fruits are naturally sweet and  juicy and so fun to chew.

When used for desserts fruits make everyone absolutely dreamy!

4. Seafood to warm the heart

Oh I love fish and shrimp swimming in slightly sour broth on cool days. The uniquely flavored goodness of freshly caught seafood makes everyone's stomach grumble for more. Except those who are unluckily allergic to their components of course.

5. Sinful doughnuts and cakes!

Gee, the fluffy, sweet tasting sinful yummy doughnuts baked to perfection is something I have a hard time giving up! Add to that chocolate flavored cakes that melt in the mouth like there is nothing else in the world that matters. I have been slicing even doughnuts into small bits now so I only get to indulge on a portion not a whole one to mess up my calorie count.

I could actually enumerate up to a hundred of my favorite food but that's all for now or we might all end up bloated and unable to move. I will feature next my "local" favorites.

It won't hurt of course to eat in moderation what we crave for. So dial that phone now or order online! Send some over to me will you?

Know someone with no appetite these days? Consider sharing this post to him or her and help me inspire them to live a happy, healthy life.

Remember always that sharing makes life worthwhile. 

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  1. sira ang diet ko sa post na to!!! hahahaha! happeeeee mooooooonday! labyew!!!

  2. Oh my God! My diabetic cells are going into a frenzy. I have to keep them quiet or else I would end up in a hospital bed, with super elevated blood sugar levels and dehydrated. How I wish I could have my fill of ice cream (double rocky road or ube macapuno) and cake (sans rival/black forest/tiramisu). DROOL!!!

  3. Oh my God! My diabetic cells are going into a frenzy!!! I wish I never ever had this chronic disease. Just one day of having my fill of double rocky road ice cream and unlimited sansrival, black forest cake and tiramisu!!! Drool, drool, DROOL!!

  4. Oh my! The ice scream (misspelled on purpose) is a major weakness and you had to show a shrimp, didn't you! Otherwise seafood is a very positive item and wonderful for a diet! Fruits are great, but i usually cook them into something that are wonderful and fattening, otherwise they are great for most diets. The other items i can mostly pass by, tho i love a pizza now and then.
    My 5 favorites? Any pasta, bread, shrimp, fruit pie and ice cream.

  5. joselyn-and-csharp.comOctober 14, 2013 at 5:59 AM

    When I don't feel like cooking, pizza is my saving grace. Seafood is my dream food. Silly that I never really appreciated it (well as a kid, anyway) as much as I do now. I love sweets, but I thank the Lord above for not giving me a sweet tooth. It's bad enough that I LOVE rice like it's life itself. Hahaha!

    Joselyn #

  6. A glass of water is not going to cut it! I just want to jump in onto your page and slurp up the seafood soup :-)

  7. Oh my! I love pizza, ice cream and doughnuts! Whenever I see them, I couldn't help but to crave on these foods! :D

  8. Those foods are so good. I still prefer rice, pasta, seafoods and bihon are my favourite foods.

  9. Yayayay.. yummy foods, pizza and ice cream, solve na ako rito. The rest kay misis na lang.

  10. Those are in my favorite-list too! ahaha nyamnyammmm....I wanna go eat seafood right now! :D

  11. Oh my! Those are my favorite foods too, especially #1, 2, and 4 (comfort foods). I’ll surely ditch my diet so and so for those.

  12. Ohhh you made me drool! Actually i want to eat this moment and I want some donuts!! I want seafoods too esp. shrimps

  13. Not much of a dessert (cakes and other sweets but I love fruit) person but I love seafood!

  14. you are absolutely right, those are the kind of foods, desserts that everyone has the hard time to say no.

  15. It's been long since I last have sinigang. It will be great to have some next week.

  16. great!!!
    would you like to follow each other?
    just let me know

  17. Out of your five favorite foods, I'd pick ice cream in any chocolate flavors, doughnuts and cakes as my favorites.

  18. This post is sinfully delicious!!!

  19. This blog made me hungry in the middle of dawn! It's 2 AM and I am craving for ice SCREAAAAAM! LOL!


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