Saturday, October 12, 2013

GRAVITY the MOVIE and Sunday Musings

Do you sometimes find yourself sad for no reason at all?

Do you sometimes wake up and feel blue and empty?

It happens to us women at around certain times of the month and it has something to do with our hormones.

"I just have to cut this off and it is done, piece of cake," - Sandra Bullock aka mission specialist Dr. Ryan Stone in the movie Gravity said something like it while in outerspace sruggling to get back home to the place we call home- "Earth,"......

I cried as she summoned all her strength hanging on to the memory of a loved one to keep herself alive. While the hubby felt bored looking at the universe I was  feeling so light as a feather in space and I was mesmerized by the beauty of working where only a few would dare to.

The movie made me realize how "will power" and "love" could save our lives. While I somehow believe in fate, it is largely our decisions that shape our destiny. When we give up, we lose hundred percent while if we give circumstances a good fight and pray hard enough we can conquer even death itself.

It was as what Dr. Ryan Stone said herself in the movie- "one hell of a story to tell".

...She swam, got smashed on spacecraft, got chased by fire but survived...woman power at its finest...which inspires me to get these muscles moving and have what it takes to make it to EARTH and embrace what makes our life blessed- GRAVITY  and everything else that nature offers....

We are ALIVE, can see, can hear...what great gifts those are..add to that- people LOVE us...what else is there to long for? me no reason to be sad and blue and empty...

(Written using Samsung Galaxy Note II paired with my new gadget BFF, bluetooth keyboard CD-R King SH series PHP 480 gift from the hubby)

.....I hear the hubby calling out- our laundry is waiting, got to go! Happy day folks! :)

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  1. hehe. what great gift you have from hubby :) may we all have the heart to love and strength of will power to live happily

  2. I have those un-explained moments even though I don't have that time of the month anymore! All we can do is try to stay positive I suppose..

  3. you are fast becoming pro in movie reviews. oh, forgive and please bear those feeling-blue-for-nor-eason rants fr me once a month. labyew!

    di ba nakakahilo yung movie? may nag post kasi sa FB sobra daw nakakahilo.

  4. Director and co-writer CuarĂ³n brilliantly manages to create both awe at his glorious space vistas, and knuckle-gobbling tension at what's happening in the foreground.

  5. Breathlessly paced with a procession of nerve-racking cliffhanger moment, Gravity is not just one of the best films about humans in space, it's one of the most tense tales about the power of the survival instinct.


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