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Fantastic Ideas For Family Reunions

We hardly have the time to catch-up with our whole family these days. Busy, modern work schedules can make it difficult for families to arrange time together. Especially when everyone has busy social calendars as well.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try and all hangout, though. Familie time is time well spent! One way to make sure to get all your nearest and dearest under one roof is to arrange a family reunion. As it is a big event, you will be planning it well in advance, so you can give all of your relatives plenty of notice to keep the date free.

Family reunions can be as intimate or as big as you want them to be. You’ll know the kinds of social events your family prefers, so plan it according to their tastes. Not too sure what to plan? Here are five fantastic ideas that the whole family will enjoy!

Hold a Barbecue

When the weather is warm, there’s nothing people love more than relaxing in the garden. So why not invite all your relatives around to enjoy a barbecue? Buy some tasty cuts of meat, sling them on the grill, and let all the delicious aromas waft around your garden. Even if you have vegetarian relatives, they will still enjoy the day. Just remember to cook up some tasty vegetarian-friendly dishes and roast some veggies on the grill. If you’re cooking for the whole family, think about getting a Pit Barrel Cooker - The Original. You can cook your meat by either hanging it in the cooker or laying it on the grill. Either way, there’s plenty of cooking room so you can feed the whole family. If you want to know more about buying a pit barbecue, drop a question on the company’s Facebook or Twitter.

Camping Trips

If you want to spend more time together than just one single day, think about booking a camping trip. These type of trips can create a strong bond between everyone in your family as pitching tents encourages everyone to get stuck in together. It’s a fantastic type of teamwork! Kids will love being in nature, and the adults will really appreciate spending the time relaxing together. The best thing about camping trips is that they’re a great option if you only want to go away for one night. But they are also a fab getaway for a couple of weeks! If your family aren’t really the adventurous type, you can just invite them to pitch some tents in your back garden. Then, at least, they’ll have access to a bathroom and plenty of modern comforts! Hiring campervans or caravans is another thing to consider if some of your relatives would rather not sleep in a tent.

Throw a Party

To keep things fairly simple, you can just throw a party. You could hold it in your own home if you wanted to keep your costs down to a minimum. Once your family know the date and time, all that you will need to organize is the food. Put on a buffet that everyone will enjoy. There are plenty of healthy recipes for finger food. But don’t forget some sweet treats too! Cakes and chocolates always go down well at parties. If you want to spend a bit more money, you could always leave the catering to a specialist company. Want to throw an impressive party? Think about hiring out a local venue. Some restaurants and bars will offer private function rooms. They might also be able to cater for your event.

Pub Quiz

If your family like general knowledge, then getting everyone together for a pub quiz is an excellent choice for a family reunion. And, as pub quizzes are often held on a weekly basis, you could even go every week! Pub quizzes are another great bonding exercise as you’ll be working together as part of a team and will be helping each other to think of all the answers. Not only that but going out to a bar or pub is a brilliant location for socializing. You can always stay after the quiz for a few drinks to have a proper catch-up.

Sports Day

You’ll all know how sports days work from being at school. At school, sports days see pupils compete against other in fun games such as sack races, egg and spoon races and other sporty events. Why not get all your relatives together and have a grown-up sports day! You can still do all the same fun events that schools do for a laugh, but you could also include some adult sports to your schedule. Think about having a five-a-side soccer match or setting up a big game of cricket. Keep a score of team or individual points and see who has the most points at the end of the day! Once you’ve done all the events, prepare a large meal that everyone can sit down to and enjoy

Cultural Days

Family reunions can also be days out to sights and attractions. Why not invite everyone out to a museum or gallery for the day. This is the perfect choice if your family love culture and the arts. These can be very easy to plan. Simply decide on a city or town that is close enough for everyone to get to. Then, take a look at all the different museums and galleries in the town and decide which one would be best for your family to visit. It’s also a good idea to book a table in a restaurant or cafe so you can enjoy some lunch while you are out. Don’t forget to book ahead! If there is a lot of you, you may not be able to find a restaurant with a large enough table available. You don’t just have to go to art galleries or museums. Why not see what plays are on at your local theater? Or you can push the boat out with a trip to the ballet or opera.

Take Inspiration From Your Mutual Hobbies

We often share many passions and interests with our families. So why not take these into consideration when planning a reunion? If you are a keen sporting family, think about planning your reunion about a big sporting event. Maybe go to a football game together. Is your family really into food? Think about taking them to a popular foodie event. Farmers’ markets, wine tasting evenings or cookery classes are great ideas for getting the family together for food. For families who have lots of young children, plan your event around something all the kids will enjoy. Maybe organize a big treasure hunt for the kids to do. As they are running around the garden looking for treats, you can relax with the rest of the adults over a glass or two of wine. If the kids are busy entertaining themselves, you will be free to mingle and catch up with everyone else.

Hire a Cottage

Another fantastic idea for turning your family reunion into a weekend away is to book a holiday cottage for a few nights. You will be able to find many large accommodation options that are perfect for groups of anywhere between ten and twenty people. Perfect for getting the whole family together! Most cottages will be out in the countryside. This means you and your family can enjoy long walks together and cook big meals as a group in the evenings. If there is a nearby pub, you can go out in the evenings and enjoy a couple of drinks. A cottage vacation will also give you lots of peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of work in a big city. You will have plenty of time to read all those books you’ve wanted to finish for so long! And plenty of time to chat with relatives who you hardly see anymore.

Dine Out

Don’t have a lot of free time in your schedule or are finding it difficult to get everyone together at the same time? Think about keeping things very simple and short by just arranging a lunch out at a restaurant. Keep it in a central restaurant where everyone will be able to get to easily. Lunch time is possibly the most convenient time for something like this, as everyone can come during their lunch break from work. As this type of event is cheap and doesn’t take up too much time in everyone’s day, you can see about organizing it as a regular event. Something like once a month, for example, like the last Friday of each month. If you set a regular date, you will all know to keep that date free. And as it can be fairly cheap, more people are likely to want to do something like this more often. So you’ll get to see your family a lot more!

So what are you waiting for? Plan a family reunion and get all the gang back together for a good old catch up!

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