Saturday, April 2, 2016

4 Ways To Be More Confident Around Men So You Can Score A Date!

It can be hard to talk to a guy that you like. Women can often get nervous and feel like they don’t know what to say, or speak to them about. It can often lead the guy to feel like you’re not interested in them. If you struggle to be confident around men in general, here are five ways to help you be a whiz with a gent, and gain yourself a date.

Be Yourself

If you pretend to be someone else when you are with a guy, it will lead to them not getting to know the real you. As it says here, you aren’t naturally confident when talking to your family or friends; it’s just you are being yourself. Try and feel comfortable, and then they will feel happy in your presence. Make sure you smile and laugh naturally, and don’t hold back. Guys love a sense of humour, and it will definitely help you to score a date! Also, don’t drink a lot before speaking to a man, as you may say stuff you don’t mean, and show off a bad side of yourself.

Be happy in your body

If you are not satisfied with how you look, it will make you less confident when talking to men. Try and feel comfortable in your body, and be proud of how you look. If it would help you, you can take steps to lose weight so you will feel more confident. Try and cut back on fattening foods, and look at different diets which are available. You can also start doing exercise, and try and tone up that way. If you have been trying for ages, and nothing is working, you could also go Cosmetic Laser Dermatology to get surgery to remove that pesky fat. When you are happy with your body, you will be more confident speaking to a guy.

Talk about subjects you are interested in

If you struggle knowing what to talk about to a good looking guy, try and chat about stuff you are interested in. As we discuss here, you should avoid controversial topics such as religion and politics. It should be lighthearted and friendly chat. Don’t be too direct either and ask him loads of questions as it can be like an interview! Just talk about subjects you like and don’t pretend to like things that you don’t as it will come back to haunt you on a date!

Treat him like he will your friend  

Try and treat that cute guy as a friend, so that it eases the pressure that it’s a potential relationship. As this article discusses, think about it like you are chatting with one of your friends. If the male aspect puts you off, pretend it’s a brother or a male cousin that you are speaking to. Keep it light and friendly, and try and not think too much that you fancy them. Hopefully, it will lead to something more, but if not, at least, you have gained a new friend.

Try and be yourself and have some fun with the guy you like. He will soon be whisking you on a date if you show him how great you are.

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