Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hate the Gym? Here's Some Fun Ways to Keep Fit

Was it your New Year’s resolution to get fit in 2016? Did you promise that this would be the year you finally stuck to the plans you were so passionate about at the very beginning of the year? So many of us use the occasion of a new year as a fresh start, and wipe the slate clean. But what if you haven’t been quite so dedicated? It’s a thing fitness trainers see all the time. The gym is fit to bust in January and membership applications hit their peak. But visit again at this time of year, and it may not be quite as busy as it was! The thing is, while a gym is undoubtedly an effective way to get fit and toned, it’s not for everyone.

Some people just find the whole thing boring. It can be tedious. I mean, running long distances has the benefits that you get some fresh air and different views. It can be down heartening to spend ages staring at a brick wall. Even if your gym has televisions, it’s not exactly inspiring. Ok, it might help relieve some of the boredom, but it’s not going to help keep your vitamin D levels topped up.

Did you know that just ten minutes bouncing on a trampoline is equivalent to running for half an hour? Save time and money with  this high intensity exercise and you will soon feel the benefits. Ok, you’re going to ache for a awhile, but the bonuses to your health are more than worth it. Rebound training is rising in popularity again. It’s a firm favourite with boxers and those who require lots of stamina and endurance.

If you love cycling but don’t fancy long rides in case you get a puncture then why not think about an exercise bike? Or if you're a fair weather cyclist, then you keep your fitness going even when it's wet. You certainly have no excuse when it's parked in your house! But don’t use it as a clothes hanger, whatever you do. We’ve all got a friend who is guilty of that misdemeanour. If you’re looking to buy an exercise bike from home, take some guidance from Indoor Training Bikes, who can advise you what’s best to suit your individual needs.

Skipping is another exercise that is popular with championship fighters and many other types of athlete. Again it burns a whole tonne of calories, but also helps you improve your core strength. Jumping rope also helps you tone your arms and legs, as you turn the flex and jump. Hand-eye coordination will also be improved as will your general motor skills. It takes a little practise and coordination to get it just right.

You can hit the pavements and just run! Couch to 5k is probably the best known training program for novices, starting off slowly. It soon builds up and within six weeks you should be able to run 5k in comfort. Ideal for those who have lost their levels of fitness - or never had any to start with- it’s a good way to keep fit and it’s free!

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