Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Ready For A Long Drive, Not Quite

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So, I re-learned how to drive almost a year ago. Interested about my "How To Get Over Driving Jitters" post? You may read it here. I'm not yet a pro but I can claim to be one of the most careful drivers to date LOL.

A friend has been bugging me to go on a long drive one of these days. Oh, she's one of my "daredevil" inspirations. You know, that kind of person who makes you feel brave even when your knees are shakin' WAHAHA.

Back when I was super duper hyped about photography I used to think when I could drive I'd stop by on every spot that is click worthy and go snapping each sunset. Hmmm, sigh the latter has not happened yet. Maybe it's because I'm still not that confident or just downright lazy LOL.

This summer I'll make it a point to cross that out from my bucket list!

On that note, it's time to wish me luck!

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