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The Art of Looking Younger in Five Easy Steps

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Do you remember when you were in your teens, and you wanted to look older? You were so impatient to become an adult and establish your independence. And then as you neared your thirties that all changed. We seem to spend our childhood wanting to be older, and our adult lives wanting to be younger. We can’t alter time, of course. But there are a few tricks we can employ to give the impression of more youthful appearance.

The Teeth

Over the years, our teeth endure wear and tear, and they can become stained by the foods we eat. Cosmetic Dentistry can correct a wide range of issues. For example, dental implants can correct gaps and missing teeth. Dental bonding can restore chipped or cracked teeth. Or you could opt for something simpler such as a whitening treatment.

Taking care of your teeth is important. Avoid smoking and foods that stain such as tea and red wine. Invest in a good toothbrush and remember to floss. Eat well and avoid sugary drinks.

The Skin

The skin is often the first place we notice signs of ageing. A few extra lines, a loss of elasticity, age spots, etc. All of this impacts on our overall appearance. There’s nothing we can do about our genes but there are a few things we can do to give the impression of youthful skin.

Drink enough fluids. Ensuring your body is hydrated has countless benefits. It also plumps up your skin making it appear fuller and reducing the appearance of lines.

Keep out of the sun. There is no doubt that the sun ages the skin and causes damage. Always protect it with a good sun block. Wear a hat and cover up as much as possible.

Maintain a good skincare regime. Use products that are compatible with your skin type and moisturize regularly.

Eat well. Opt for foods rich in vitamins C and E and omega-3 fats. This should be part of an overall healthy diet plan.

Exercise. Gentle exercise will have many benefits and will help keep your muscles toned to prevent sagging.

Stop smoking. Smoking ages the skin and increases lines and wrinkles. Unfortunately, it is not possible to reverse this process. So stop as soon as possible.

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We touched on this earlier. Exercise is important to everyone to maintain good health and flexibility. It improves physical and mental health. Feeling healthy and happy on the inside is reflected in our outward appearance. Blood flow to the vital organs and skin is improved, as is muscle tone. And when we’re fit and healthy we tend to be more graceful in our movements. Include exercise that targets the body and mind such as yoga or tai chi.


As we age, we start to notice the odd grey hair or two. The speed at which they appear depends on your genes. Some women embrace their greys and wear them well. Others prefer to cover them up. There’s no right or wrong solution. This is a personal preference. Whichever method you choose, keep your hair healthy and shiny. Select products that work for your hair type. Healthy and shiny hair give the impression of youth and vitality.

Stay Healthy

Above all, stay healthy. Eat well and exercise regularly. Give up smoking. Drink enough water each day. Focus on your happiness and well-being. Good physical and mental health radiates from us. And there are no tips or quick fixes that can compete with that.

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