Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Tomato- To Mah Total Weight Loss

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It has been a rough journey. My weight loss challenge has been the longest running show in my life story LOL.

The cycle goes this way- I realize I'm getting heavier by the way my tummy bulges. I swear to exercise, eat less and meditate more. I do those three things for around a month or two. Then with the nudging of a friend or two I SNAP! Like instantly SNAP and go back to eating too much carbohydrates (the bad ones), ice cream, cake, pasta blah blah blah. Then I feel guilty and start running/walking to sweat like I meant it again LOL- then feel tired and go back to being a BUM and REPEAT!

I notice though that I don't really multiply my weight big time. My waist line is like a Yo-Yo. It keeps going back to the same size still. I think it helps that I am fond of fruits and veggies and don't really fancy oily, fatty foods. I rarely eat meat. Tomato happens to be my every meal savior! I also rely on it to keep my skin looking young. You can see me frown whenever we run out of tomatoes in the kitchen LOL.

Writing this makes me remember the three oranges I put in the fridge at the office the other day! Oh my, I wish they're not rotten yet! Keeping a mental note to check on 'em first thing tomorrow!

I've read somewhere lately that it pays to have an on-line weight loss partner so I am openly recruiting for one right now! Register in the comment box please! I am counting on you LOL.

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