Wednesday, March 30, 2016

6 Reasons Why Summer Is The Best Time To Lose Weight!

Summer is just around the corner which means better weather and lighter nights. As we are showing off more of our body, it’s a very good time to get in shape. You will feel more comfortable in your clothes, and get your body beach ready. Here are five reasons why summer is the best time to lose weight.

The weather is better

The weather in summer is much better, so it’s perfect for losing weight. If you need to do exercises in the garden, you will feel more inclined with the sun out. It’s never good to do skipping outside in the rain! Therefore, you should make the most of the weather and head outside for a run around the block. The hot weather will make you sweat more, meaning you will be burning off more calories. With the weather being better, you can do more fun meals outside such as a BBQ. Just make sure you have plenty of healthy food!

It’s holiday time

Summer is the best time to lose weight because you are most likely heading off on vacation very soon. Therefore, you will want your body in top shape so that you can feel happy in a bikini on the beach. It’s also good to lose some pounds so that you can eat without guilt during your summer break. And it’s important to look great in those beautiful summer dresses.

It’s lighter later

In the summer, it is light outside until at least 8 pm. Which means that going for a run is safer and more appealing than during a winter's night. It also means you can pop to the gym but can still come back and do more things because it’s still light outside. As this article says, being lighter later gives you the chance to spend more time outdoors doing a workout.

You are eating lighter meals

In the summer months, we often feel less hungry, so it’s the perfect time to lose weight. With hot weather, healthier foods such as a lightweight salad are definitely more appealing. We tend to eat more comfort food when we are cold in winter months. There is less to do, so eating becomes a top priority. In the summer when we are eating less, we have fewer calories to burn off so we will lose more.

You are doing more walking

You will be out and about a lot more which means you will be walking more. Therefore, summer is a great time to lose weight as you can easily do more exercise. In the winter, we stay inside with the kids, meaning it’s harder to work off those calories. But in the summer, we tend to go to the park meaning we are exercising without even trying. You can get creative with losing weight and getting fit to avoid getting bored and giving up.

You are drinking more water

You are drinking more water in the summer meaning it’s an ideal time to get fit. When we are hot, we will be grabbing a bottle of water as it's so refreshing, and an excellent way to cool off. As it says here, drinking water is a great way to stop you overeating during dinner times.

Therefore, if want to lose a few pounds, there’s no better time to do it than in the summer.

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