Wednesday, January 14, 2015

How To Get Over Driving Jitters

I'm no pro yet but I can speak for the newbies like me. I am writing this now while I am still fresh from another driving lesson and still a driver wanna be freak. I've been searching on-line for articles that could have helped me overcome my fears at the start but just couldn't find the exact post so I am sharing my thoughts to help those who'll thread the same path. Here goes...

1. Breathe In Breathe Out, Say a Prayer

It's always best to relax and keep your cool when behind the wheel. While this is easier said than done eventually as you practice constantly and learn the basics of driving and safety measures you will feel at ease and in control.

2. Safety First

Never forget to check whether your vehicle is functioning well. Make sure your mirrors are in the proper angle and wear your seatbelt always!

3. Do Not Panic

Most accidents happen when the driver loses control of his or her senses so gather your inner strength with your physical prowess and maneuver the vehicle with finesse. Act with respect for other drivers and do not be rattled when faced with a difficult situation on the road. Turn to number one, breathe in and breathe out and say a prayer in an instant your self-confidence will come rushing back and you'll know the safest thing to do,

4. Be In Control

The thing is, you really are IN CONTROL. You are the one driving the machine and you have ALL THE POWER to stop or to go. Do not think other thoughts specially disturbing ones while on the wheel. Think about getting to your destination SAFELY.

5. Remember That Your Family Is Waiting For You

Never be in a hurry. A split second could change your life and OTHER'S LIVES FOREVER.

As I publish this I am on my way to accomplishing those five (5) tips perfectly. Special thanks to my awesome driving instructors and the ONE ABOVE.


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  1. funny that you should be a new mom(the one who had a pilots licence at 18) did not start driving a car until she was in her 40's...

  2. the very reason kaya ayoko na magdrive kasi nerbyosa ako. haha! be safe always!!!


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