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Beautiful Flowers With Amazing Benefits

Flowers are so beautiful to look at, don’t you agree? They can make us smile and we give them away on special occasions. As someone who is a healer by profession, I also know that flowers can have many amazing benefits. They can be used to improve our medical health and they can be used to improve our mood and mental health. I have decided to take a look into a few of the flowers that I think have the best uses.


Lavender’s are a small evergreen herb that is closely related to mint. Lavender flowers a purple/blue colour is stunning! People have been using lavender in medicine and perfumes since ancient times. I like this flower particularly because it has a beautiful scent that can last for months if you dry the flower.

So what are the uses of lavender? As I said, lavender has a lovely fragrance that can last for months. This fragrance is wonderful for soothing headaches or helping you get to sleep. A few drops of lavender oil on your pillow will instantly calm you down. To feel more relaxed, I'd also place dried lavender flowers around the home. You can even add it to your bath to help you relieve stress.

For children, a little lavender water in a spray bottle can go a long way. It’s a good natural cooling treatment for any bumps and bruises. I recommend keeping some close by if you have young children.

A great non-medical use for lavender is to place the dried flowers in small pouches. You could also use a little square of muslin cloth to hold the flowers. If you place the pouches in your closet or wardrobe, they will give you clothes a lovely scent. Dried lavender also help to keep pests away such as moths.


Jasmine not only has an elegant name, but is a beautiful flower. Jasmine is a shrub that flowers in a yellow or white colour. Jasmine another flower that many cultures have used in ancient medicine for many years. In some cultures, they used jasmine in pain-relief medication.

Jasmine is excellent for your digestive system if you drink it as a tea. Many people believe it can help to prevent ulcers, aid digestion and stomach pain. As a woman, it’s useful to know that Jasmine can affect your menstrual cycle or menopause. If you are pregnant, you should only drink tea in small amounts and avoid oils.

I’d drink jasmine tea before bedtime to help take away any stress. Stress before bedtime is not good for your sleeping pattern!


Lilacs flower in shades of purple, like the colour that is its namesake. They are easy to grow and can grow incredibly high, attracting butterflies and other wildlife.

Many say that lilac flowers have powers of protection and can bring positive energy. Maybe try adding a bouquet of lilacs to your home and see if you feel any more positive. I like to buy fresh flowers from sites like so that my flowers. I do this so my flowers arrive prepared in bouquets that I can quickly place around the home.

Did you know, lilac is not just a decorative flower? It has been used in the past to help prevent illnesses as extreme as malaria! Nowadays, most people will use lilac for aromatherapy purposes or decoration.

The sweet smell of lilacs can also instantly make any room feel peaceful. Lilac oil can be hard to come by, but mixes well with other essential oils for gorgeous fragrances.


Peonies bloom in fantastic shades of pink, white, red and purple. The flower itself is an explosion of colour and blooms all summer long.

When it comes to other benefits of peonies, it is usually only the root and seed of peonies that are used.
The roots and seeds of this delicate flower can be used to make tonics that can treat many ailments. The most common thing people use peonies for is to treat muscle pain. They can help to relax your muscles and reduce the pain of cramping.

For women, peonies are something to look into if you struggle with severe cramping. Many say it has worked wonders for them!


Roses make me think of love and romance. There is something about them which makes them the perfect gift to give to someone that you love. The flowers have a light, floral fragrance to them.

Rose petals are also safe to eat, you might have seen them as a garnish for drinks or desserts before.  I’ve recently been talking about getting back to nature, so I’m curious to see what home grown roses petals could do for me.

I suggest having a bottle of rose water nearby. It’s wonderful to spray rose water onto your skin to help you feel refreshed and smell great. Rose water can also be used to treat any swelling or as an on the go antibacterial treatment.  

The rose is a plant that just keeps giving, as it has many more useful benefits. Try adding a few drops of rose oil to your bath to help you relax and to boost your mood. Many people say it helps them to feel better at the end of a bad day.

Roses also have moisturising qualities and is helpful if you have dry, itchy skin. When you are at the shops, look for products that include rose.

If you feel you lack vitamin C in your diet, roses also have a high level of vitamin C and can help to supplement your vitamin C levels.

Which of these flowers will you be using for their benefits? Of course, before you use any flower for medicinal purposes, speak to your regular doctor. If you just want to bring positive energy to your home start right away! Fresh flowers of any kind will make your day seem brighter. If you know of any more interesting uses for flowers, I’d love to hear.

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  1. wonderful article...indeed lilac make me smile every time I smell it, I love having it at home too! happy weekend from flowerland Holland!

  2. those flowers are exquisite beauty to behold <3


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