Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Is Your Best Friend Getting Married? Here Is Everything You Need To Know

If you grew up with one best friend, you might find that you constantly compare yourself to them. I know I do. It is tricky to see your lives as two separate pathways. You are not one person, nor should you try to be. Your life will take different twists and turns. That is normal. You don't have to worry about it. Problems arise, though when you start to reach milestones at different points. For example, when your bestie announces her engagement, you might find it difficult. Here is everything you need to know.

Don't make things all about you

This point might be tricky, but you need to understand it. This wedding is not about you. You might start to internalize things and worry why you ready for marriage yet. Don't do it. People move through life at different paces, and that is fine. You should chill out a little and relax. Let your friend have her moment - yours will come before you know it. I am sure that she will support you when you decide to wed.

Avoid comparing your lives

Sometimes, it is easy to compare your life to that of your friend. Jealousy is not a health emotion, though, and so you need to cut it out. Rather than thinking about what your best friend has, think about what you have. Don't worry about her. She is on a different path to you. You have a chance to be there for her. Take it! You don't want to look back on this time and wonder why you messed things up. Instead, you need to look back on it with great joy.

Try to support her in any way she needs

Remember, this woman is your best friend in the world. Weddings are difficult. You should help her with anything she needs. If, for example, your friend tells you that she needs you to help her choose wedding invitations you need to rise to the occasion. Show her that you care about her. If you can help make the planning process easier than it would otherwise be, you will give her the best gift of all. Friendship is a two-way street. When you stop caring - she will too.

Write down your feelings

You probably have loads of feelings, some good and some bad, about your friend's wedding. Write them down. I have always found that expressing myself on paper is the best way to figure out my head. Sometimes, you need to take a little time to think about what you want in life. I find writing to be therapeutic, and I think that you will too. Remember, there is nothing wrong with having negative emotions. It is how you deal with those emotions that matters. Think about what you want to say and put it in a letter to yourself. Later, you can go back and read the letter and see whether you feel the same way.

Try to arrange an evening for the two of you

Before the big day, you want to squeeze in some quality time with your bestie. She will be super busy planning her wedding and stuff, so you need to ask her when she has some time to spare. You should plan a lovely evening in with your friend so that you can catch up. Sometimes, people let their differences come between them. Instead, you need to remember why become friends. If your friendship is worth it, nothing should come between you guys.

Remember, life is a funny thing. You can't control when things happen for you, and you shouldn't try. Instead, just take it as it comes.

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