Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fun Methods to Get Back to Nature at Home

Anyone who loves being outside can feel a little trapped when they're inside. If you love nature, you can feel cut off from it when you have to be at home. Even if you love spending time with your family or you know you need to get your chores done, it doesn't mean you wouldn't rather be in the great outdoors. You can try to get back to nature at home by making some changes to your decor and interior design. By adding some more natural elements, you can make your house feel more connected with nature instead of cut off from it. Try some of these techniques to create a home that's in touch with mother nature.

Blur the Threshold

Many people have an outside space around their homes, whether it's a porch, a backyard or even just a driveway. But it can feel like you've cut yourself off from that space as soon as you shut the door and lock yourself inside. There are lots of ways you can try to make those two spaces of indoors and outdoors feel less separate. One way to do it is with glass walls or doors looking outside so that even on cold and wet days you can maintain a connection with nature. You can also have a room such as a conservatory or even a swimming pool that flows from the inside of the house to the outside. Another option is taking the indoors into your backyard by building an outdoor living space.


Get Gardening

Of course, one of the best ways to bring more nature into your home is adding plants. Some people choose to grow a vegetable or herb garden in their kitchen, so they have a practical purpose for their plants too. You could add natural features around the house using potted plants, raised flower beds or hanging baskets. Choose the location of your plants and flowers carefully so that they're easy to maintain and still have a beautiful effect.

Natural Materials

You can also try to focus more on natural materials with more of a rustic look. For example, you could take inspiration from the wooden furniture and accessories you see in cabin decor. Instead of dyed and woven rugs, you could use natural sheepskin rugs to add some warmth to your rooms. You can also take things from nature to use as decoration, from shells and stones to fossils and sea glass. Just remember to try and use sustainable and ethical materials when you choose them.

Animal and Plant Motifs

Sometimes just the right imagery is enough to help your home get in touch with nature. As well as using natural materials, you can buy artwork, textiles and other accessories with animals and plants featured on them. Sometimes it can be difficult to strike a balance between tacky and tasteful. But it's possible if you choose your pieces carefully.

You don't need to hate your home because it's not the great outdoors. Create a peaceful environment by bringing nature to you and giving it a permanent place in your house.

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