Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sunday Lunch at Gerry's Restaurant and Bar

We're in Baguio now and enjoying the cool summer breeze the place offers. We first visited Mine's View Park and soaked in the beauty of clouds and mountains.

There was a family debate as to where we will eat. The hubby and the first-born won because my male version and I had opposing choices.

I wanted pasta and pizza, the male version wanted chicken. So, the first-born and the hubby got us into a carnivorous indulgence.

Gerry's it was!


Pork chop

Gerry's Vegetable Rice

The boys had a great time! As always though I did not have the privilege of taking photos of my camera shy men, sigh.

Until next foodie time with the fambam!

2 yorum:

  1. We love Gerry's Grill too! That sisig is M's all time fave. :P

  2. Nice place and amazing food! Service was fast and everything came out fairly quick. If you're in the area stop by. The space at San Francisco restaurants is very decadent and has the usual elegant feel. Great for when relatives come to visit.


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