Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Rocking The Bob

The title is what my twinzy of Sweetmemoirs  commented on my Instagram post showing off my new hairdo ahahahaha....

What made me decide to have my hair cut oh so short?

1. The hubby is away and I could do as I please with regards to my look LOL.
2. I love it that I didn't have to undergo another hair re-bond.
3. I could save up on shampoo and conditioner!
4. Preparing for work is easy as washing my hair and generously applying gel and combing into place and presto I am all set to face the day and enjoy 

2 yorum:

  1. oh wow, and i thought it's just in ponytail, whatever hairstyle you have Zen, you rock it. :)

  2. you do!!! love, love, love it!!!


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