Sunday, March 8, 2015

My Current Favorite Smartphone Apps

There was a time I ignored the benefits of having a smartphone. Now being crazily busy I rely on it to make my office life bearable. I keep reminding myself though that I should spend time with mother nature ( is my outdoor inspiration) as often as I could because technology will never outdo the healing power of creation. Yet here we are in the techno world where lifestyle change towards swift communication is better embraced than shun away from so here goes my current fave smartphone applications...


It's more than just a music player. It's magical! You can practically search for any song from the goody oldies to the most recent albums and voila you are taken to another place and time. They got a collection of songs to suit your mood anytime of the day. Now am listening to Chicago's Saturday In The Park to perk up my blogging. Later am gonna hit on the sleep album to lull me to dreamland. I have my friend Juvy to thank for introducing me to the jazzy, cool happiness at Spotify!


It's every photo enthusiast's bestfriend. Photo editing is easy as 123 with its user friendly features. Collage making with stickers and tailored photo backgrounds and borders is what I love most at photogrid. The themes are divine too! I've actually weaned myself from photography but when am in the mood for a selfie nothing can stop me LOL!


Now that I am in Law School this comes in handy! No explanation needed.


I haven't really explored its features much yet but suffice to say that it helps me read my downloaded articles and automatically save them in one neat file. The best thing is I can open the same documents when I log into my account using other devices such as my laptop.


And then of course there's Viber and Whatsup which keep me in touch with family and friends across the miles.


Keeping myself well informed about national and international events is A MUST and Yahoo more than makes up for that need. I receive important e-mails in real-time and get to respond to them in a snap (when am not swamped).


And then last but not the least what am using now to write this post easily is dear Bloggeroid! It's a mobile blogger's BFF when writing a post hastily. There's no fuss about adding photos to the post as well as sharing the published post to Google plus.

I have more on my list but that's about it for now!

Happy weekend one and all!

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