Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Missing Ms Pink!

Today on my way to work I passed by "pink" wildflowers and though I was running late I felt the need to snap, breathe in and breathe out and just marvel at the joys of simple life.

Life has become busier for me and time to enjoy mother nature has become a luxury. As I walked on something urged me to look up and this is what I saw...

Fluffy white clouds against the blue sky always make me smile. Smile I did as I thought of Ms Pink who taught me to share images of the raw beauty of life on planet Earth. Missing her so much on blogosphere yet in my heart I know one day, she will blog again....

A salute to the friend who inspired me to blog for a cause and to keep appreciating that I am too blessed to be stressed...Love yah Betchai dear! ☺
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  1. love yah too Zen, sigh, yes, I'll be back blogging again, I should make that soon! :) thanks always for your friendship.


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