Saturday, November 29, 2014


If there's one thing my younger son couldn't say no to- it's chicken and pizza! So off we went to his fave parlor yesterday after being disappointed the movie (Penguins of Madagascar) wasn't showing in the movie house at the mall yet.

Nevertheless he had a great time gobbling up like every kid does! Come join us!

He had "bunch of lunch" and ate not as hastily as he used to in the previous years. I guess he truly is turning into a boy-man.

He also chewed some lettuce from my salad with such eagerness!

His chocolate shake came in a bit late that he almost couldn't finish it. Above was him toying with the crunchy "stik-o". He was using it as a straw which of course only worked for awhile.

He smiled for me several times as I clicked his dad's iphone cam because mine ran out of battery sooner and gently spoke to the crew for me making him score 5 out of 5 as a date hehehe...

Saturdays are always the best with my boys! We keep inculcating good values to their young minds like sharing and respect. I hope and pray they grow to be generous, God-fearing, responsible men.

Happy weekend one and all!☺

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  1. happy weekend, Zen. Good to see you having wonderful date with your boy/s.

    Miss you. Have not gone back to blogging yet, wish I could.


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