Saturday, November 29, 2014

As Of Late, An Update On My Busy Life

Well in case you didn't notice I kinda shyed away from FB for the past week. It's because I have a tendency to over stay online and neglect to study. I dropped one subject from law school to have more time to spend with the kids and so as not to compromise my job too. It's tough going to school again aside from "mommying," "healing" and playing the good wifey role LOL. The hubby is my classmate in all subjects so I get to spend more time with him these days. A bonus is that I get free rides to school LOL. It is about time I start driving I know! Sigh, I guess that will have to wait until January. So far, so good in all aspects of this crazy life and I thank all of thee for being my friend in every sense of the word. I apologize for my unavailability these days and the coming months but please know it in your heart that when worst comes to worst you can always count on me. I still say "life is too blessed to be stressed" and that it is "never too late to follow your dreams" so....



2 yorum:

  1. too blessed to be stressed, as always. yabyew! wear more blue + red combo pls! haha!

  2. love the pose Zen, you don't look stressed at all, but BLESSED. indeed, too blessed to be stressed. yay for you.


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