Friday, November 28, 2014

Entertainment Ideas for a Cool Kid's Party

Throwing a kid’s party doesn’t have to keep you up at night. Kids are easily pleased, believe it or not, so finding entertainment for a party should be a quick and simple job. They enjoy doing their own thing mostly, so entertainment isn’t even always necessary! If you’ve got your heart set on entertainment though, here are some ideas that should make the party extra cool for your child and their friends.

A Photo booth

A photo booth can be so much fun at a party, especially if you purchase props to go along with it. All of the kids can pile in with the props and have a lovely souvenir to take home. This eliminates the need to put party bags together too! For the props buy masks, pretend trophies, hats, costumes, and anything else you can fit into your budget.

A Balloon Artist

Balloon artists are loved by children. For some reason, kids are just fascinated with things made out of balloons. They could have a hat, their favourite animal, or anything else they can imagine (depending on how good the balloon artist is).


A Magician

Kids love to sit and watch magic tricks. There are all different kinds of magicians though, so you’ll need to do your research. Do you want one that will pull rabbits out of a hat? Or perhaps you want one that can ‘read minds’. If you’re short on budget, you could even do some magic tricks of your own by looking on sites like MagicNevin! Most kids still believe in magic, so treat them to a fun magic show.

A Face Painter

I remember having my face painted when I was a child. I LOVED it. I could be anything I wanted; a beautiful butterfly, a scary tiger, my favorite TV character, and so on. Plus, this is something else you can do if you haven’t got the budget to hire somebody. Kids won’t scrutinise your work like adults do. Just do your best with a pack of face paints and they’ll love it!

A Bouncy Castle

Hiring a bouncy castle is a great idea, especially if you’re planning on inviting parents too. I’d bet that everybody will have had a go on this by the end of the day!

Party Games

Put together a couple of party games to keep the kids entertained. Depending on how old they are you’ll want to alter the games to suit. There’s pass the parcel, musical statues, and thumbs up to name a few.

Hire a Costume

Why not hire a costume and bribe a friend or family member to dress up as a popular TV character or superhero? You could tell the kids a special guest will be arriving later on and just watch their faces light up when the character enters!

The kids are bound to have a great time at your party if you choose entertainment from this list. Leave a comment if you have any useful ideas too. See you later!

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