Monday, October 6, 2014

Throwing a Great Party for a Loved One: How to Do it

Throwing a party for somebody you love can be extremely rewarding. Whether it’s a birthday, or you have another reason to celebrate, throwing them a party will show that you care. There’s nothing better than getting everybody together and having a good time! Here’s how you can throw a great party for a loved one:

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Set a Theme

All great parties have a theme. What theme will the guest of honor like best? You could do something involving their favourite film, style of music, or country. If there’s something they seem particularly obsessed with, do it on that. You should be able to find plenty of themed decorations if you search online. Read more about online shopping here. You know that they’ll definitely appreciate something like this!


Decorate in keeping with the theme that you’ve chosen. For example, if they love country western films, you could set the venue up like the wild west. Don’t forget classic party decorations either, like printed balloons. The more effort and attention to detail you put into this part, the better the party will look. Imagine their face as they walk in!

Keep it Secret

This is optional, of course. It depends on many factors, including how you’ll lure the recipient to the party and how old they are. If this party is for somebody quite young, you can keep the party totally secret from them. They probably won’t suspect a thing, either! Simply have somebody bring them to the venue and all of the guests can jump out and shout ‘surprise!’. If you think you’ll be able to lure an adult guest of honor to the party fairly easily by telling a white lie or two, then do so. You may need to play the party down a little to them if you think you’re going to have to tell them the truth, so they are surprised when they arrive. Describe the party as a ‘little celebratory get together’, and they’ll still be thrilled when they see all the effort you’ve gone to!

Invite Guests Well in Advance

To ensure the guest of honor has everybody they could want at the party, make sure you give guests plenty of notice. Send out invites months before so they can mark it on their calendar and book days off work. Make sure you include important information on the invite, like the time, date, venue, dress code, and whether or not it’s a secret.

Make Their Favourite Food

No party is complete without some tasty food. Make the guest of honor’s favourite food, but take the theme into account too. Bear in mind finger food is more appropriate for a party - people don’t usually want a sit down meal.

Build a Playlist

A playlist filled with their favorite songs will set the mood for a great time at this party. Do it using Spotify to make things very simple!

I hope you have a lot of fun planning this event, and the guest of honor has a fantastic time. Good luck!

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