Monday, October 6, 2014

⊱✿Home and Family Letters: Our New Farm Pets.

Our house upon a hill is buzzing on weekends. What with the kiddos home and new pet babies roaming around. We'd love you all to meet.....

"Baby Goatie," who has been bottle-fed for several weeks to supplement his nutrition. My son Roel loves playing with Goatie saying "meeehhh...meeehhhh...meeeeh" even in his sleep.

and our new duckling! Yellow and so cuddly days ago, now its wings are turning strong and we are all looking forward to watching 'em swim with the rest of the gang!

More of our farm family next post! For now I hit CLOSE to face household chores! Happy weekend friends!

Love from our humble home to yours!

2 yorum:

  1. ahhh, so cute!!! hmmm, you're lucky to be able to raise a varied pets.

  2. adopt me please... add me to your pet collection, hahahaha


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