Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How Online Shopping Could Help You- Help Others

If you are a regular reader of The Letters In November you would perhaps recall my post entitled 5 Reasons We Should Not Cease Helping Others.  In that article I mentioned that "it is through us that the hands of God work" and  "we may be the person's only hope" and that "we may never know when the wheel of life turns around and it would be us needing help". 

I must admit that at times I find it a bit of a challenge finding ways to be of aid to others while simply living my life- shopping for things I need and finding companies that not only offers quality products but also TAKES THE TIME TO REACH OUT TO THOSE IN NEED. Amazing how some business-minded people could be so generous. Those who have goals to help CHANGE THE WORLD and not only concentrating on making profit definitely get my support. 

What I personally LOVE about shopping online is the chance to HELP FAMILIES who were victims of calamities. Lately I stumbled upon  iPrice.ph and realized I could save a lot from using their coupons, discounts and voucher codes when shopping on web stores like Zalora and others. And what more? I have that ONE GREAT CHANCE to donate to non-profit organizations through my online purchase of selected items because a certain percentage of what I pay for a product is given to needy families- feed the hungry and help heal the sick. That feeling of being a part of a charitable cost is incomparable! 

Want to SAVE while shopping online to as much as 70% using free coupons at the same time being able to LEND A HELPING HAND? Please head to www.iprice.ph  to learn more!


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  1. wow, that's such a great concept, savings through coupons and at the same time being able to help.


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