Monday, April 21, 2014

OOTD #11: Just Swing It Baby!

The past three weeks have been very challenging for me. I'm still indecisive as of this writing about a major career move. Do I stay or do I leave? Unfortunately some things did not turn out the way I wish they would. Yet I am hoping against all hope I can still find a way to my one great dream.

I am blessed though, too blessed to be stressed and I am grateful for everything I have and treasure this MOMENT....Life goes on, so let's swing it baby!

Tops: BNY and BW
Pants: Freshgear
Bag: MKL
Sandals: brandgoterasedtotallyforgot
Accessories: from HK
Lipstick: Avon
Powder: Johnson and Johnson
Smile: c/o my fambam
Photo taken at Aquarium Resort, Easter 2014
with Samsung Note II, auto upload and 
motion thingy by Google...

Message to myself (brain not functioning at its optimum these days)

Take each day one at a time, until you get there....


4 yorum:

  1. so beautiful you, love love that pose in the first pic and love that very joyful "let's swing it baby". :)

  2. Career and life moves are sometimes a product of circumstance...i do understand the difficulty when one gets to decide.
    For 36 years i worked as a chemist (33 of them in one place) and then it was time to go..and there was no explaining how it changed in me and many people said i should not and yet there was no way both physically and in my heart to continue what i was doing. Things have been rocky at times and i still carry the "chemist" in me in my new direction, but i know what i did was correct. Which for you the same clarity of heart that i had...

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