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Vigan In Less Than 24 Hours Series #2: Our Stay At Vigan Plaza Hotel

This is part 2 of our previous post- Exploring Vigan in Less Than 24 hours. Sharing with you our one-night stay at...

Vigan Plaza Hotel

What did I love about the hotel?

The hotel is at the heart of the city and as such is accessible to most of the MUST SEE spots as well as transportation and shopping areas. Those huge windows provide one with an awesome view of the city and a feel of fresh breeze. The architecture of Vigan Plaza Hotel is reminiscent of the olden times when Spaniards ruled the country. I loved it because it gave me a sense of connection with my ancestors. 

 The room we occupied was a DELUXE room good for four (4) persons and I was satisfied with its cleanliness and its amenities.

The rooms are equipped with electronic key card controlled access, telephone, split-type air-condition, cable TV, toilet and bath with plush of hot and cold water, and classic wood furnishings to adopt to modern day living. (-lifted from Vigan Plaza Hotel's brochure)

My travel buddies and I loved the comfortable king-sized beds with classic carved wooden headboards as well as the wooden floor which the youngest of us had fun sliding on. He stopped pretending to be wearing skateboards and swirling around the room when I aimed my cam. 

The furnishing inside the room took my interest at once, the three mirrored dresser reminded me of my grandma while the "aparador," cabinet in a corner and the chair made me think of my late grandpa and the movie Narnia. I must admit it felt a bit creepy inside because the atmosphere made our imaginations wild when we were about to call it a night. Our youngest buddy wanted the lights off while I wanted them on. We exchanged a few ghost tales and giggles before our eyes got too weary and sleep took over us. Hmmm nope, we did not see any old woman sitting by the chair or a long haired lady by the dresser in case you are curious to know hehehehe. So if you are looking for a creepy adventure, it's not the place to be.

But if tasteful and artsy relaxation is what you need, Vigan Plaza Hotel will satisfy your longing.

There's a mixture of modern luxuries and design in their lobbies and just exploring the whole building would immerse you in the heritage that the city exudes.

The charm of the hotel is in the history that is preserved in its walls and silently engraved on its floors. There is serenity in every corner, and I just wish we could have stayed longer.

The breakfast was superb. I love "Vigan longganisa" so much. The chocolate drink was enough to energize me for traveling back home. The kiddo loved it too! He poured fresh milk on it, stirred and drank like there was no tomorrow. Being in a colonial style atmosphere the choco drink brought to mind a chapter in the book written by our National Hero which eventually instilled patriotism in our fellowmen that led to the country's freedom. I took a snap of a copy of the book in our visit to the museum which I will write in another post. "burp"

Have I mentioned they have courteous and accommodating staff?

We will most certainly love to be back, in a heartbeat!

This isn't a sponsored post, just another happy visitor's honest opinion :)
Please stay tuned for more of our Vigan in less than 24 hours adventure!

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~special thanks to friends who made it possible for us to be there~

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  1. Vigan is always a charming place to visit. Will check out this hotel on our next trip. Now I'm craving for Vigan longanisa. Happy weekend! :)

  2. Excellent review, zen! Sounds very inviting, i love hotels that are situated in the heart of a city especially when I am travelling abroad, saves you a lot of money. I see this hotel has a lot of charm and history and so glad to see how you had a great time there! Wish you a very happy week ahead, my dear friend! :)

  3. what a homey hotel! i want Vigan longganisa!!! drooooool! :P


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