Saturday, February 14, 2015

My Little Male Version: Mom and Son OOTD

Parenting entails a lot of patience, love and caring. No sweat because those virtues come naturally when you are a mom. I must admit I am not a perfect mom. Sometimes I get frustrated when the boy-man refuses to heed my advise and fail to behave accordingly. Yet through it all my hopes are high that maturity will change his boyish ways eventually. Thing  is, he reminds me so much of how I used to be when I was his age. Photo above was taken before we went on a Sundate weeks ago. Hmmm don't be deceived by the boy-man's smile, I had to beg him to flash it and be still for this shot LOL. Motherhood? It's a lifetime devotion I would gladly trek over and over because every moment is a trip to heaven's door!

On him- Garfield
On her- Redgirl

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