Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

We had a pre-Valentine celebration. We had to rush our passport renewal at the DFA main office so we took advantage of our time in the metropolitan to enjoy some sweet treats. The hubby also had business to do at the camp so we had lunch at the nearest buffet resto in the area.

In keeping with my healthy living project I tried my best not to indulge in the meaty area of the resto and kept my plate colorful with veggies.

Ahhh the hubby's plate was the exact opposite. I didn't take a photo of his meal which is against The Letter's In November's code of discipline LOL.

The hubby explained he only has such huge an appetite when we are together and that Heart's Day is supposed to be enjoyed. He added he'd resume his dieting after the weekend. I didn't bother to argue with my Valentine for reasons only the heart understands LOL.

I had so much room left for dessert so off I took a sample of each cake.

My huge excuse was that it was the season to be sweet hehehehe.

Needless to say the hubby and I had a blast walking down memory lane as we ate together like young lovers once more. ☺

We'll visit this restaurant again that's for sure.

Happy Heart's month one and all! ☺

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  1. Oh, that photo looks very familiar. Hehehe! Glad you had a "full" Vday. Hi papa O!


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