Monday, November 3, 2014

How To Find Your Perfect Home

Are you one of those people who regularly checks the housing market online? Even though you may be settled in your current house, you can’t help checking what else is out there. You might even be one of those people who will check properties only a lottery win would entitle you to. It’s great to dream and look at those stunning photos. All the rooms, the land, the views and furniture look so good.

It doesn’t hurt to window shop as they say. However, many non-essential house moves start this way. Browsing is a great way to see if what we have is good compared to what we might have. There is always a chance you’ll pick up some great style tips or interesting ideas for furniture arrangement. Or you might start actively trying to find a property that solves the problems our current home creates.

For most of us, it is layout. Not all homes can be rearranged to provide the right rooms off the hallway or a bigger space for the kitchen. And none of us can change our view out the window without moving house. The trouble is, estate agents very rarely photograph the view from the window you’ll be staring out of most - the one in front of the sofa. Often this is a deliberate exclusion because they view just isn’t great.

Buying a house from the planners of an estate before it is even built probably instills great fear in you. There are many things to be wary of doing this. You need to make sure the company is reputable and unlikely to walk (or be pushed) off the job. You’ll want to know your deposit is safe, and returnable should things not work out. Sometimes, it takes a few years for the property to be worth what you paid for it new, especially when the market is having a wobble, so be sure this is where you want to live for at least 5 years.

If you are more a creative type of person, buying in this way means you get far more say. Buying from the developer, like Mirvac house and land packages, means you may be able to pick the plot with the view you desire, to the spec you desire, and even choose fixtures and fittings to suit. This type of purchase is particularly popular with those moving overseas or purchasing a holiday property. Many estates in Australia have been built this way, particularly in and around Perth, and they have worked very well.

While you are doing your weekly trawl through the property websites, do have a browse for properties that you can spec up yourself as a new build. These houses will be under guarantee and warranty for prolonged periods, so any problems will be covered and sorted out for you. You’ll also become a founding member of a new community, which will become part of you and your family for many years. Having a new build house will mean it also meets the very latest building regulations.

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