Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Birthday Cupcake from Brownies Unlimited

 This year for some reason I didn't buy myself one of those huge birthday cakes. Maybe it's a silent protest against time for allowing me to get older LOL! Well, I think I was saving the major candle blowing event for my 40th! I am grateful to our Creator for giving me a wonderful family and set of friends who love and accept me for all that I am. The hubby bought me a cutie cupcake insisting I should give myself a sweet treat afterall.

The blue thing came from BROWNIES UNLIMITED and was of course delightfully choco flavored.

I made a wish, prayed for everyone and then...

imagined it had a candle, blew carefully and ate it! Ate the icing, ate the filling, ate it all in less than a minute!

I guess am making my birthday cupcake eating a tradition to celebrate my yearly transformation to a better person (keeping my fingers crossed on that note).

Have a sweet day one and all!

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  1. psssst, love that pretty lady in red!!!

    it has to be blue talaga, papa O? hahahaha!

    have yet to blog about my bday. in dire need of inspiration!!!


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