Monday, November 3, 2014

Celebrating Our 13th at Cafe By The Ruins

cafe by the ruins

It's a shame I haven't visited Baguio's most unique resto not until yesterday on an unplanned anniversary make-up trip with the hubby to the City of Pines.

02 Nov. 2014 early morning text-message exchange with the hubby

Me: Hi, can I go out on a date with myself?

Him: Can I join? Let's go to Baguio and continue our failed date the other day. 

The next thing I knew I was boarding a mini-bus to meet the hubby.

I must admit I am no whiz when it comes to geography that I even had to google its location. The ruins, I learned from a page on the menu are a stretch of stone wall across the street from Baguio City hall, relic of the house of the last governor general. I once attempted to see the place but to my dismay the taxi driver I asked didn't know where it was! Surprisingly it's just at the back of Eurotel in an area I've been to more than once and right at the entrance of the city proper. The hubby kept texting me fearing I might get lost LOL. I had the unfortunate experience of having ridden a bus whose engine overheated! Ah you bet I had the scare of my life the first instance I realized something was awfully wrong with the engine. Lesson learned, I won't ride one of those mini-buses to Baguio ever again. I am thankful though to have arrived safe and sound to enjoy lunch with the hubby.

So on a lighter note- here's what we had!

cafe by the ruins menu

I've read several good reviews about their "kamote" bread and fruit jams so I decided to give it a try.

Ernie's Kamote Bread
flour enriched with kamote and honey

Hmmmm  looked tasty to me! I wanted some strawberry jam to go with it but I was offered guava jam instead because strawberries apparently aren't in season. The bread was soft just the way I wanted it with some kind of magical aroma. The hubby and I shared the loaf him choosing the ends while I devoured the middle portions.

The guava jam replacement more than made up for my craving though! Whew, that familiar gritty feel of the guava flesh on my tongue plus that sweet sour taste brought a thousand childhood memories back. The butter mingling with the sweetness actually made me think of those happy times I had with my brother climbing trees at our backyard.

My brain was screaming for strawberry shake too which I haven't had in ages but I settled for a better choice actually, their "Rizal chocolate drink" specialty!

As I expected it was creamy and had that mouth watering native chocolatey goodness perfect for the slightly chilly atmosphere.

Me in a failed selfie attempt to capture the cup while I drank, impossible feat at that moment because shyness overcame me LOL. Believe me I could spend minutes perfecting a "selfie" shot when no one is looking. It's difficult being a blogger and not having a blogger/photographer buddy always around to hang out with.

My date busy candy crushin' toinks! Wonderin' what he ate aside from the bread? He's on a forced vegetarian diet so I ordered salad for him.

Hmmm I think I should have chosen Gado-gado a noted cafe favorite. Next time I'd try it! The sound of crispy tofu cubes, watercress and lettuce dipped in peanut sauce sounds yum to me!

This one's Cafe by the Ruin's La Top Organic Farm Salad.
It's the day's harvest from the Organic Farmers of La-Top, cherry tomatoes, French beans, baby carrots romaine lettuce, etc with shaved Carabao gouda cheese. 

I must admit I had a hard time convincing the hubby to eat "just it" LOL. So he settled for his beloved coffee which was served with flair. 

The hubby and I turned "13" on the 31st and our stay at the Cafe is symbolic of our strong marital bond that stands the test of the time like the Ruins.

The cafe is truly a representation of  the best of Baguio and the Cordillera's culture. I concur that it is a MUST VISIT in The City of Pines. 

Cafe by the RuinsBaguio City

23 Chuntug StBaguio City, Benguet(074) 442-4010

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