Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Where to Stay In Baguio 001: CityLight Hotel

Welcome to A Series of Hotel Hopping in The City of Pines, Baguio

(The PANAGBENGA/Flower Festival Is All Set There Again so Finding A Great Place to Stay is a Must)

First in this Series is my stay at City Light Hotel, Come Let's Enter!

The hotel is located just a few steps away from Baguio Cathedral, at the heart of the city. Being the direction dizzy that I am I did not realize this until my friend and I walked outside to enjoy the city afternoon breeze.

The lobby has a modern architectural design and the chic chairs offer relaxation after a rather tiring journey. 

below I was getting all warmed up therehugging my all-time favorite blue bag given by Betchai

The hallways look neat and the doors welcoming...
Now let's get inside their rooms...

hmmmm great for sleeping and soothing tired muscles!

The shower area is not too spacious though but good enough for freshening up for a day of adventure! The adventure part had to wait though because we were actually in the city for a convention. So let's check out their function rooms....

Hmmmmm the prepared buffet looks interesting eh?

Listening to long speeches was made marvelous with snacks such as these...

City Lights Hotel's version of pancit canton

 hmmmm believe me, that looks simple but tasted uniquely flavorful! They put bits of peanuts over the dish that made it just a bit sweet and undeniably scrumptious! I wanted another serving haha...

Now when is a sandwich not just another sandwich? I learned the answer when I tasted chicken mixed with mayonnaise and whatever their secret ingredient is. 

Did I have fun in the convention? You bet!

City Light Hotel Coffee Shop  

~offers the tastiest of cakes and is an awesome place to hang out for catching up with friends. When I learned I was scheduled for this trip to Baguio I quickly sent a message to one of my dear old friends- MIMI based in Baguio for some sort of a reunion.

....we had a grand time!

We had blueberry topped pancakes, healthy green tea and salad!
and tons of laughter, wacky poses and memories to keep until we meet again!

Looking for a place to stay in Baguio?

I highly recommend City Light Hotel...

Check this out for their room rates...

 ....I hope you have a fabulous stay in THE CITY OF PINES!

~again not a sponsored post but a happy customer's honest opinion~

Important City Light Info borrowed from their site.

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  1. Wow, very informative post Zen, at pabalik balik ako nang tingin sa pictures with your captivating smile and thanks for wearing the blue bag again :)


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